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What's different before & after Cascade?

We asked our customers in the Education space and this is what they said...

"The big shift is from everyone being enthusiastic & doing lots of work - to that same thing, but in a structured way, inputting information into one place."


Do these tools work for keeping teams in Education focused & aligned?

No! Here's a taste of what some of our education customers have said about the switch to Cascade:

"We just started using your system at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria South Africa and it’s perfect. Such an improvement on the tools we had before!"
Mikha Nkambule, Tshwane University

"The university is a large & complex organization - it's a federated structure. Top down control doesn't work here. People need to be able to collaborate & enjoy local empowerment. Linked with information and visibility across teams, Cascade gives us the information and opportunity to drive that collaboration."
David Hannett, The University of Sydney

"Cascade is the core of our strategy as a school district. We use it for everything from project management to reporting to our board and have done away with Basecamp and all the task management apps we used to use."
Robert Shipton, Kinshasa Schools

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"Cascade is such a cool application. In the past I used to put things in Excel, but it was so hard to keep up with. Cascade is very defined and easy to use."
Dr. Jayne Moschella, Parker University

"It's just such a great system. It's a tool that focuses on a robust strategy process, and holds people accountable."
Kirstin Harvey, WINTEC

"I just love the people at Cascade and how helpful they are. Always very responsive, friendly and detailed!"
Sanne Deen, The University of Otago

"There's nothing I would change...the experience has been excellent and exceeded expectations. The Customer Success team have been excellent."
Nicky Pearse, Central Queensland University

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"Cascade continues to improve and I love the regular updates. Dashboards and Snapshots are very powerful and I love the new widgets that we get to use."
Mohammed M,  The University of Sharjah

"Cascade is intuitive and easy for my team to use. Our leadership are able to track the progress of their strategic projects and share information with each other. We're using Cascade to raise issues on strategic projects which are then discussed at team meetings. I find the reports and dashboards incredibly useful to present information to the wider organisation about how we are progressing our strategy."
Katy McEwan, The University of Sydney

"It's easy to use, intuitive and the support is great. The application is constantly being improved and we've had a great experience so far."
Diane Green, The University of Sydney

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"Everyone was doing lots of work & really great stuff. But it was all in their heads, on emails or even Excels. No-one knew what each other was working on. They knew there was lots going on, but they couldn't see how it was contributing to strategy."

Katy McEwan, Senior Project Officer | The University of Sydney

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