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Product Manager - Australia

Australia, (Anywhere) - Product Management

The Opportunity 

Cascade is a global SaaS-integrated platform helping thousands of organizations to run their business, from business planning and departmental strategy, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more. Our customers are redefining the world as we know it - from battling the AIDS epidemic and establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car. 

Our core principle is that each and every team member is an integral cog in the functioning of a business, and we believe Cascade is the only platform that connects them all to real outcomes and tangible success.  We’re passionate about organizational synergy; bringing companies together through efficient strategic planning and execution, and helping drive teams to be greater than the sum of their already impressive parts.

In 2014 we identified a gap in the market for strategic execution software, and our adventurous tech start-up was born.  Today, we’re an ever-growing team of 40+ mission-obsessed people, and have established ourselves as the market leader in our field.  Based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in the US and South Korea, we work closely with an array of customers around the globe. 

2021 promises to be a huge year, and we couldn’t be more excited about entering the scale-up phase as we take a deeper dive into the future of business strategy. Team alignment is becoming widely recognized as more important than ever across all organizations, and we believe this evolution of thought will be the catalyst in achieving our goal of putting Cascade in the hands of millions of people.  

The Role

Product Managers set the strategic direction, scope, and success metrics for product initiatives, and work closely with designers, engineers, and marketers to ensure we’re constantly delivering an amazing experience to all our users. 

With end to end accountability - from concept, through to validation, build, post launch analytics, and iterations - being a product manager at Cascade means an ability to operate at a multitude of levels. Your mindset and outputs will need to shift from championing a creative vision, to unpacking detailed usage analytics - seamlessly.  

You will be joining an existing team of Product Managers at Cascade who are humble, incredibly talented, and passionate about what they do. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our software, with a laser focus on delivering the highest value opportunities for our users and our business through a clearly defined roadmap, detailed stories, and a well managed backlog of activities.

Your Responsibilities

  • Own the product vision that continues to drive long term exponential growth
  • Translate your vision into a clearly articulated roadmap, ruthlessly prioritizing across our business needs, our user needs, and our technical capabilities so that we’re constantly delivering on our highest value initiatives.
  • Continually improve our expansion rates, monthly recurring revenue, and daily active users through the product you deliver.
  • Breakdown your roadmap into well defined requirements, which are delivered in two week sprint cycles.
  • Establish, communicate, and own your products go to market plan - having end to end accountability into its pricing, distribution, and success metrics.
  • Analyse the performance of your product to continually identify where improvements can be made. You’re a product manager who is equally passionate about improving what exists, with wanting to ship something new.
  • Encourage a team of engineers to deliver quality software, efficiently.
  • Manage your teams burn and velocity - always looking for ways to improve.
  • Work with design to translate your vision into an intuitive customer experience.
  • Have a constant pulse on user needs, their emotive behaviours, and how this translates into providing value through the product you deliver.
  • Understand and manage the relationship between your product, the cost to deliver, and the benefit Cascade will receive.
  • Be comfortable working in a high growth software organisation.
  • Articulate yourself without resorting to buzzword bingo. You’re secure enough to know that buzzwords do not equal intelligence.

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