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Senior Developer (Team Lead) - Sydney

Sydney, Australia - Engineering

The Opportunity 

Cascade is a global SaaS-integrated platform helping thousands of organizations to run their business, from business planning and departmental strategy, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more. Our customers are redefining the world as we know it - from battling the AIDS epidemic and establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.

Our core principle is that each and every team member is an integral cog in the functioning of a business, and we believe Cascade is the only platform that connects them all to real outcomes and tangible success. We’re passionate about organizational synergy; bringing companies together through efficient strategic planning and execution, and helping drive teams to be greater than the sum of their already impressive parts.

In 2014 we identified a gap in the market for strategic execution software, and our adventurous tech start-up was born. Today, we’re an ever-growing team of 40+ mission-obsessed people, and have established ourselves as the market leader in our field. Based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in the US and South Korea, we work closely with an array of customers around the globe.

2021 promises to be a huge year, and we couldn’t be more excited about entering the scale-up phase as we take a deeper dive into the future of business strategy. Team alignment is becoming widely recognized as more important than ever across all organizations, and we believe this evolution of thought will be the catalyst in achieving our goal of putting Cascade in the hands of millions of people.

The Role

We’re looking for a team-leading, full-stack Senior Developer who’s keen for a new challenge, to come and join our SaaS startup team here in Sydney. At Cascade we’re all about the product and the tech, and we love our friendly, collaborative environment which allows us to do those things well.

So you’re already a great developer yourself and have years of experience leading other developers, but now you want to take that experience and be part of a team that is showing the path and leading the way within the organisation. Writing code and creating key elements of the technology are still the core of what you do, but your ability to lead your “pod” of developers, work closely with the Product Manager, and coordinate and knowledge share with the other dev team leaders means that you raise the level of everyone’s game - as well designing and writing great code yourself across the full stack.

You’ll set an example by how you run your team, take huge pride in how they perform and how much they enjoy what they do, and you’ll guide, support, educate, and mentor them, while always embodying our values of curiosity, passion, and integrity. You’ll be all over the technical designs, code reviews, test approaches, and release process within your team, working with them to help them be better developers individually, and the team to get continually better as a unit.

You’ll work with the Head of IT, our Senior Engineer team, and the other dev team leaders to make sure that the quality of what we’re producing, and the coding standards, processes, and tools that we’re using, are excellent and constantly improving - and you’ll be the go-to person for your team members when they’re looking to understand and implement those things.

Product and dev are the core of what we are and do here at Cascade, so you’ll be highly valued as a leader and will have a real, visible impact on the current and future product and how we go about creating it.

We’ll give you a friendly, collaborative team environment, great people to work with, and the opportunity to mould your role over the longer term and take your technology career in the directions you want to go. It’s a great chance for you to grow with the company and the product.

What you'll need

You’ll be bringing with you:
  • 7+ years development experience.
  • 3+ years team leadership of small dev teams.
  • Strong JavaScript framework skills (if that’s with Ember, even better).
  • Strong back-end skills, especially consuming and developing REST APIs (if that’s with PHP, awesome).
  • All-round game with the usual suspects on the front-end - HTML 5, CSS 3, responsive design, etc.
  • Solid understanding of relational database implementation (MySQL would be great).
  • Experience working with cloud platforms (if that includes AWS, brilliant).
  • Experience designing, developing, and running a SaaS application on a public cloud platform would be a massive plus.
  • Passion for the job - you already love interesting tech, and we want to support that.
  • Willingness to learn every day, and help others learn too.
  • Desire to get your hands dirty and really get into the code.

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