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What's different before & after Cascade?

We asked our customers and this is what they wanted you to know...

"We went from using a litany of tools across the team to a single, consistent way of talking about & executing our plan."

Anthony Janssen, MRHG
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Did these tools work for keeping teams focused and aligned?

No they didn't! Here's a taste of what some of our customers have said about the switch to Cascade:

"Cascade provides an excellent eco-system which enables multiple stakeholders within our company to collaborate in developing and managing a strategic plan. It's visual and does away with spreadsheets. It ensures clarity and ongoing alignment. Very powerful and flexible."
Andrew Shakman, Leanpath

"The ability to see in a simple, graphic layout our strategic initiatives, who's working on them, what is the expected date of completion and what is their current progress. As a manager, Cascade makes it easy for me to stay on top of strategic initiatives so that they get done. Being a big company, we really exploit the ability to have different plans. Each area has its leader and that leader is in charge of his own plan. This helps us to independently view the work of different teams under the same layout."
Edson Guajardo, Cotemar

"I've referred about 6 clients to Cascade. We're so proud to be able to say to people that this thing works, and it will help you. I'm not here to sell your product - I'm just here to say that this thing works!"
Dave Cadden, The Mac Credit Union

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"Cascade is easy to use and administer. The new enhanced Project Management tool has allowed us to get rid of our old tool and are now using Cascade to manage our projects. The reporting features are dynamic and help everyone in the organization understand where they fit in the "big picture" as they align their daily activities with the organization's high-level goals and vision."
Alison Smith, Detroit Wayne Mental Health

"Very scalable solution that allows the executive team to build and own their strategy and then quickly "cascade" this to all levels. Has the broadest scope of any strategy execution tool I have seen at this price point. Easy to use, fast to deploy, fantastic functionality out of the box."
Nick Willis, AVE Bikes

"As a non-profit with limited resources and huge passion, it's sometimes difficult to make sure we stay on track with the big picture while juggling many balls in the air at once. Cascade offers us the perfect tool to record and track our progress throughout the year. We love that we can assign tasks across our organisation's business areas to individual staff and volunteers."
Emma Thompson, Arthritis Queensland

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"Finally, an app that takes the big picture seriously. I've been looking for a project management app that begins with strategic planning. Cascade is a holistic tool, integrating planning and execution, two aspects of strategy that shouldn't be bifurcated or dissociated into separate apps to begin with."
Jeff Nailen, Wellness Coach

"Cascade is intuitive and easy for my team to use. Our leadership are able to track the progress of their strategic projects and share information with each other. We're using Cascade to raise issues on strategic projects which are then discussed at team meetings. I find the reports and dashboards incredibly useful to present information to the wider organisation about how we are progressing our strategy."
Katy McEwan, The University of Sydney

"When our strategy lived in PowerPoints, conversations regarding strategy stayed amongst a select few. Now that we have a cloud based solution and shared ownership of the strategic plan, conversations regarding strategy are much more inclusive and frequent!"
Selvin Mothersill, Proven Investments

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