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RSM International

RSM International use Cascade across their entire business to keep them razor-focused on strategy

RSM International

RSM International

RSM is an audit, tax, and consulting firm focused on the middle market . It is the fifth largest accounting firm in the United States.The firm is made up of 70+ offices across the US.

Key Challenges

Centralizing objectives across multiple service lines and regions was a constant challenge for RSM. Beyond that, leadership often struggled to find a quick and easy way to produce meaningful real-time reports on strategy.

The Cascade team worked with our leadership team and me to launch Cascade across multiple offices and regions within the US. Our strategies were centralized within Cascade, and our users were trained how to go to one online tool to see what goals and KPIs were assigned, and how they impact the strategy for their region, the practice, and the firm.
Teresa Dunne - Tax Strategy Execution Lead

Increased Visibility Between Branches

One of the largest issues RSM had before implementing Cascade was knowing, at any given point in time, the performance of their branches. RSM has taken advantage of Cascade’s multi-plan feature to create separate plans for each branch. These plans align with RSM’s shared vision and values and can accommodate the unique needs of each branch.

Once we got Cascade in place, our visibility has increased so much. I can log in and see any of the plans at one time.
Teresa Dunne - Tax Strategy Execution Lead

A Simple Platform Capable of Creating Powerful Plans

Creating a comprehensive plan with a similar framework is always difficult. Cascade empowers employees at RSM to build deeper into preexisting top-level goals so that leadership can easily see what employees are running into on the ground floor.

The ease of use and the ability to develop your strategy thoughtfully and diligently is extremely important and critical to executing upon your firm's strategy.
Teresa Dunne - Tax Strategy Execution Lead

Spectacular Service, Set-up, and Training

After implementing Cascade, RSM’s leadership team was thrilled with Cascade’s dedication to customer service. Cascade works closely with leadership to ensure their strategic rhythm is established, their employees are adequately trained, and that they can easily pull real-time Snapshot Reports and Dashboards.

The implementation was really seamless!
Teresa Dunne - Tax Strategy Execution Lead

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