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Product Designer

Australia, (Anywhere) - Product Management

The Opportunity 

Cascade is a global SaaS-integrated platform helping thousands of organisations to run their business, from business planning and departmental strategy, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more. Our customers are redefining the world as we know it - from battling the AIDS epidemic and establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines, to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.

Our core principle is that each and every team member is an integral cog in the functioning of a business, and we believe Cascade is the only platform that connects them all to real outcomes and tangible success. We’re passionate about organisational synergy; bringing companies together through efficient strategic planning and execution, and helping drive teams to be greater than the sum of their already impressive parts.

In 2014 we identified a gap in the market for strategic execution software, and our adventurous tech start-up was born. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in the US and South Korea and employees all over the globe, we work closely with an array of customers around the globe. 

2021 has been a huge year so far, doubling the business revenue this year (from 5 to 10m), we started at 28 people and now we are now over 80 and growing we are also giving great packages and equity to all employees and will become a unicorn within 3 to 4 years.Cascade is a unique product that solves a massive problem, helping companies turn their visions into realities: rolling out COVID-vaccines, building formula-1 cars, battling AIDS, running transportation projects for the entire state of California and winning the English Premier League just to name a few.
 We are scaling up fast and aim to have Cascade in the hands of millions of people, driving alignment and focus.

The Role

Product Designers at Cascade go beyond working on a specific design deliverable, they are across the full spectrum of their craft, and their craft is their passion. From establishing design systems and a library of patterns, to creating usability best practices that guide product managers in solving complex problems, all while spending time on tools to deliver intuitive software experiences from concept to wireframe to production - our designers have diversity in their work.

You’re someone who enjoys working closely with product managers and engineers through the development and deployment phases, ensuring solutions are designed around genuine user insights, that also meet the growth objectives of our business. The role requires someone who is creative and inspirational, yet understands the balance of substance and style in their work - you will need to find intuitive ways to visually represent our product, without sacrificing its core value.

What you'll need

  • Understand business objectives and opportunities, while simultaneously considering the needs of customers. 
  • Create hand sketches and wireframes that can be used for validation and feedback. 
  • Solicit feedback from users and your design peers, iterating your sketches before converting them to high fidelity designs for implementation. 
  • Work closely with product and engineering throughout the end to end lifecycle of your product, ensuring your designs are delivered to specification. 
  • Reduce complexity in our product experience by finding the right balance between flexibility, power, and ease of use. 
  • Shift your inputs and outputs from creative vision for broad concepts, to specific time sensitive deliverables - seamlessly. 
  • Contribute to and work with our design system that sets the benchmark for SaaS products globally.
  • Apply a systems mindset to the patterns used across our product, focusing on ease of use, scalability, and intuitiveness. 
  • Create responsive designs that meet web standards and usability best practices.
  • Be the subject matter expert in our design process. Constantly push our product managers and engineers to deliver an amazing product experience.
  • Care just as much as being creative, as you do about achieving pixel perfection.
  • Work with product managers to create journey maps that visually articulate user problems and potential solutions for consideration. 
  • Work with product managers to curate research approaches, generate insights, and ensure our solutions are solving real customer problems.
  • Constantly advocate for the end user. Be the voice who always puts the end user experience first, and every conversation we have at Cascade.
  • Experience in UX copyrighting is a strong advantage

Please provide a copy of your portfolio with the application.


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