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Extra Enterprise Features

Cascade is being used by some of the largest companies in the world. That’s why we’re relentless about offering a secure, robust, easy to integrate solution, coupled with enterprise-level support, training and deployment services.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enjoy complete peace of mind for your data knowing that it's protected by the highest levels of encryption.

Reliable & Robust

With an uptime guarantee, you can rely on the fact that Cascade will be available when you need it.

World Class Implementation

Our experienced team will provide training and deployment for your entire organization.

Single Sign-On

Integrate Cascade with your current sign-on technology including SAML.

Enterprise Grade Security

  • End-to-end encryption of data
    Encryption in transit (https) isn’t enough – Cascade encrypts all your data both in transit and at rest.

  • Dedicated servers and encryption keys available
    Go the extra mile with a dedicated server and your own set of data encryption keys.

  • Control over session times and login policies
    Enforce your existing rules around session persistence and password policy.
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Reliable & Robust

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee
    We strive to be up 100% of the time, and we guarantee that we will be for 99.5% of the time.

  • Regular automated backups
    We backup your data every single night, and store longer term backups for 28 days securely before destroying them.

  • Multiple server locations.
    Our global network of servers supported by Amazon Web Services means that you can host your data in the right location for you.
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World Class Implementation

  • A huge self-service knowledge base
    Guides, manuals, videos, tutorials and more in our self-service knowledge base.

  • On-site or remote training
    Let our team of experts train your users.

  • Ongoing deployment and customer success services
    Ongoing engagement sessions, regular catch-ups, and proactive reporting on usage help ensure that your Cascade deployment is a huge success.
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Single Sign On

  • Support for any SAML2 single sign-on provider
    Integrate Cascade’s enterprise strategy software with your single sign-on solution in just a few clicks.

  • Define a hierarchy of sign-ons
    Even if your authentication servers go offline, Cascade’s authentication layer can step in and substitute.

  • Synchronize your user data
    Build Cascade user profiles based on the data you already have stored in your ‘single source of truth’ system.
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