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Once your strategy is established, you'll need a home to manage all of the goals, projects & KPIs that have been assigned to you. Cascade has you covered with our powerful integrated Goal Hub - where your work lives.

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The Goal Hub

Cascade's powerful goal hub is where you'll update and manage every aspect of what you're working on.

Manage Tasks & Risks

Each goal that you manage can have tasks and risks assigned to it.

Track KPIs in Detail

Create rich visuals for all of the KPIs your organization needs to track.

Add Collaborators

Decide who you want to work with on your goals and create virtual teams to get things done.

The Goal Hub

Cascade is highly configurable and allows you to manage different types of activities (we call them goals) each of which can be setup differently:

  • Customize all terminology
  • Define who has access to different goal templates
  • Create rules for which elements connect to which
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Manage Tasks & Risks

Cascade is a fully featured project management software solution including major project management features such as:

  • Task management
  • Risk management
  • Links & dependencies
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Track KPIs in Detail

You've created detailed targets and milestones to measure your success. Now it's time to manage them.

  • Connect Cascade to 1,000+ systems via integrations
  • Add data points manually or automatically
  • See historical progress in one-place
  • Use auto-tracking to let Cascade do the heavy-lifting
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Add Collaborators

Goals are never achieved alone. Cascade supports unlimited collaboration between employees:

  • Create virtual teams around goals and projects
  • Share progress updates through shared dashboards
  • Automatic email and in-app notifications
  • Tag people in updates and comments

Cascade brings a radical level of transparency, sharing and collaboration to your organization.

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