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MANAGE: Strategy Rhythm

Cascade helps you to live and breath strategy in everything that you do. With tools like automated reminders, notifications and reporting helping you to run every aspect of your organization more strategically.

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Run Meetings With Cascade

Use Cascade's Snapshots & Dashboards to run all your meetings - from team to board meetings.

Automated Email Notifications

Cascade will email you when something happens on a goal that you're collaborating on or 'watching'.

Scheduled Reminders

Define your strategy governance then setup reminders to notify people when you update goals &run reports.

Watch Goals & Projects

The 'Watch' feature helps you keep tabs on the things you're most interested in.

Run Meetings with Cascade

Define your strategy governance, then generate reports that help you stay focused in all your meetings. Cascade's reports are perfect for:

  • Team Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • 1:1 Discussions
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Automated Email Notifications

Cascade provides notifications in-app and also via email. You'll be notified for things like:

  • Collaboration requests
  • Updates to progress
  • Changes to goals you are 'watching'
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Scheduled Reminders

Create scheduled reminders that reflect your strategy governance. Reminders are sent via email to defined participants:

  • Define schedule
  • Audience
  • Content
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Watch Goals & Projects

Cascade is all about openness and collaboration. Find goals that you're interested in and 'watch' them to stay connected.

  • Universal search engine
  • One-click to watch goals & projects
  • Get automated notifications when things happen
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