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Drag & Drop Strategic Planning

Strategic planning should be easy and fun. Cascade is the #1 Strategic Planning Software. See just how easy it is to get started.

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Add Unlimited Strategy Levels

Build up your plan from Focus Areas, through Objectives, Projects & KPIs. Add unlimited templates and levels to your plan.

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See How Your Plan Fits Together

Generate automated Cascade Trees to see how the different parts of your plan interact and fit together.


Navigate via Gantt Charts

No matter how you want to visualize your strategy, Cascade likely supports it! From tree diagrams to Gantt charts and lots in-between.


Manage Multiple Strategic Plans

Need different plans for your corporate strategy vs your operational one? Maybe each team wants to manage their own plan? Create as many plans as you need and manage them independently.

Multiple Plans

More features to help you create the perfect strategy:

Learn & Build Hub | Drag & Drop Strategy Planner | Strategy Visualization Tools | Strategy Collaboration Features | Strategy Exports

Unlimited Strategic Plans

Create as many connected strategic plans as you like for different parts of your organization.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Need to capture specific information for Projects? Add any combination of fields to any template.

Drag and Drop

A simple, visual UI for you to build and navigate your strategic plan. Extensive support for drag and drop.

Draft Goals

Create your goals in draft and only activate them when you're ready to share and start working them.

Strategy Exports

Export your complete strategy to either PDF or Excel to share it offline with other people.

Strategy Frameworks

Easily integrate popular frameworks like the Balanced Scorecard or McKinsey's Strategic Horizons.