Markus Rentsch

CEO at Remark-able

Customer Success teams need to be growth drivers

23 Minutes

Work is not working!
Karim Zuhri, COO at Cascade, takes on the challenge to discuss with top leaders from around the globe why 'work is not working'. 

On this occasion, Markus Rentsch and Karim Zuhri talk about the importance of having a strong and focused Customer Success Team. 

Markus shares how important it is for SaaS businesses to have CSM teams that focus on growth, and not only on avoiding churn.

More about
Markus Rentsch

I’m the CEO of Remark-able a consulting company helping SaaS companies to turn churn into profitable growth. As such, I’ve spent the last years developing a new business framework called Customer-Value-Led-Growth.

A unique approach designed to continuously grow the value for the customer and their lifetime value in return. I’m passionate about challenging the status quo and coming up with new ideas. As a consultant, I see my mission to take my customers to the top.

Prior to starting my own business, I’ve worked in various roles in controlling and corporate development.  So I guess you can say that analytics and strategy has always been in my DNA.

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