Mazen Mroueh

Former Head of Media & Martech

Achieving Digital Transformation

Duration: 37 Minutes

Digital Transformation is not something that happens overnight. 

In his conversation with Lucas, Mazen talks about the challenges of undergoing digital transformation in a large organization. The importance of Ad Stack, Tech Stack, and processes, but even more, the role of the people and the culture of the organization. 

Enjoy a great conversation, and some fabulous tips in this episode of the Strategy Factory.

More about Mazen Mroueh

Mazen has been in many leadership and Senior roles, recently he was the head of Global Digital Media and Martech, The Netherlands/Singapore. Leading a Big team of experts based in Europe/Asia and his responsibilities to cover media, technology, CRM, Website/SEO, Digital transformation, and innovation. Mazen oversees Global Digital media strategies, media pitches, digital transformation, and design of the technology ecosystem following the JBP with key suppliers such as Facebook, Google, & Tik-Tok.

Video Transcript

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