Yaniv Bernstein

Ex-COO & CTO at AirTasker

Building for impact

Duration: 27 Minutes

Work is not working!
Karim Zuhri, COO at Cascade, takes on the challenge to discuss with top leaders from around the globe why 'work is not working'. 

On this occasion, Yaniv and Karim talked about how to get Strategy done right! 
Talking about startups, the military, and tech giants like Google, they share ideas and the right formula to make Strategy work!

More about Yaniv Bernstein

Yaniv Bernstein is a technology executive and advisor, and coach. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and spent ten years as a software engineer and engineering leader at Google. Most recently he has held the position of CTO and then COO at Airtasker, taking it to IPO. His great interest is in creating high-performing organizations at technology companies that are going through the painful but thrilling transition from startup to scale-up. Yaniv combines deep technical knowledge and extensive leadership experience to form his pragmatic and effective approach to culture, people, structure, process, and business success.

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Video Transcript

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