Anita Toth

Chief Churn Crusher at Anita Toth Inc

Churn is like marriage, people don’t leave for just one reason

Duration: 26 Minutes

Work is not working!
Karim Zuhri, COO at Cascade, takes on the challenge to discuss with top leaders from around the globe why 'work is not working'. 

On this occasion, Anita Toth and Karim talked about how to beat churn, and how to build long-lasting relationships with clients. 
Anita presents the Customer Emotional Journey, and how to navigate the expectations new customers have when choosing your solution over the competitors'

More about Anita Toth

Anita Toth is the Chief Churn Crusher at Anita Toth Inc, her consulting agency. Anita uses her 20+ years of qualitative research experience from 2 world-class universities to guide B2B SaaS companies to crush their churn and increase their net profits from the bottom up.

The Churn Crusher SystemTM helps scaling SaaS companies assess how they are doing against 25 different churn factors. The Churn Crusher SystemTM helps clients gain valuable access to previously hidden data. The result is that clients now make confident churn-crushing decisions that reduces their risk of making expensive wrong decisions while simultaneously increasing their profits.

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Video Transcript

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