Nick Dunford

Former Head of Uber for Business in ANZ

Dominating B2B Sales

Duration: 40 Minutes

Mastering B2B sales is not an easy job.

In this interview, former Head of Uber for Business in ANZ Nick Dunford shares his years of experience around the subject.

Nick and Lucas discuss the top mistakes B2B business do when approaching their GTM strategies, as well as understanding the key traits and skills that top B2B salespersons have.


More about Nick Dunford

Nick is passionate about dogs and Startups, in that order. He currently leads Uber for Business in ANZ. In his young twenties, Nick was a semi-professional cricketer before sensibly retiring to start his business career in enterprise software sales. In the past decade, Nick has founded and worked in multiple Startups as well as led sales teams for US software companies. He has an MBA from the University of Oxford and 1st class honours degree in International Business from The University of Sydney.

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