Angelia McFarland

Director of Product Marketing, Programs and Operations at Dell Technologies

Embracing New Technologies

Duration: 38 Minutes

When organizations adopt new technologies, they are not just adopting a new piece of software. 

Angelia McFarland shares her experience and thoughts about the new technologies taking the world by storm. AI, AR, VR, Blockchain, The Metaverse, Angelia tackles every single one of them and how they can impact the current way corporations do business. 

In a lighthearted conversation, Angelia and Lucas discuss the risks of adopting new technologies, and the cultural shifts that need to take place for them to be accepted.

More about Angelia McFarland

Angelia McFarland is a technology executive with strengths in product marketing, strategy, and leadership. For over two decades, Angelia has helped businesses break into growth markets and drive revenue. With experience as an entrepreneur, as well as working for major IT giants, she had demonstrated the ability to quickly identify and secure market opportunities. Currently, Angelia is Director, Product Marketing, Programs and Operations at Dell Technologies, where she excels in product launches, acting as a conduit between strategy and operations, and translating vision into tactical plans. As a people leader, Angelia helps others realize their unique potential, while disseminating product expertise to build cultures of product experts who drive innovation and business growth.

Video Transcript

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