Megan Bowen

COO/CCO at Refine Labs

Go To Market 3.0

Duration: 30 Minutes

Every company wants to grow more and grow faster.

It is easier to immediately jump to what is not working in marketing, sales and customer success, than to uncover the root cause of why you lack product-market fit, or how your adoption of decades-old acquisition and retention strategies are not driving sustainable growth. 

In her interview at the Strategy Factory, Megan Bowen shares the reasons why companies don't achieve growth, and how implementing Go to Market 3.0. can change that forever.

More about Megan Bowen

Megan Bowen has spent 15 years working in B2B tech startups leading customer success, account management, sales, marketing and operations teams. Currently, Megan is COO/CCO at Refine Labs.

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Video Transcript

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