Corey Kossack

Founder & CEO at Aspireship

Hiring, retaining, and diversity in the workforce

Duration: 27 Minutes

Work is not working!
Karim Zuhri, COO at Cascade, takes on the challenge to discuss with top leaders from around the globe why 'work is not working'. 

On this occasion, Corey Kossack and Karim Zuhri talk about the lack of quality candidates in today's workforce, and the challenges that companies are facing when looking to fill vacancies. 

Corey also shares his point of view of when is more important to hire potential talent or skilled talent, why do employees turnover, and the diversity (or lack of) that companies have. 

More about Corey Kossack

Corey Kossack, Founder & CEO of Aspireship, witnessed firsthand how the skills gap was creating a hiring crisis. Inspired to make a greater difference and help overlooked candidates get into software sales, Corey launched Aspireship, a free online training and job placement specific to SaaS Sales. Corey and his team have helped thousands of workers, from all backgrounds and experience levels, land high paying jobs in SaaS sales. Aspireship's impact has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Business Journal and Phoenix Business Journal.

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Video Transcript

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