Chris Walker

CEO at Refine Labs

Make Demand Generation your Competitive Advantage

Duration: 32 Minutes

Work is not working!
Karim Zuhri, COO at Cascade, takes on the challenge to discuss with top leaders from around the globe why 'work is not working'. 

On this occasion, Chris Walker and Karim Zuhri talk about different strategies that B2B companies can apply to drive demand, the difference between brand awareness and demand generation, and growth techniques through social channels. 

Chris also shares his point of view on different SaaS Tools that companies should, and should not use. 

More about Chris Walker

Chris Walker is the Founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation agency that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing. Refine Labs executes tactics that align with how consumers actually buy instead of generating fruitless leads. Before launching Refine Labs, Chris led marketing at two B2B firms where he built the foundation of his unique perspective on demand generation. Chris also hosts the State of Demand Gen podcast where he shares tangible advice and tactics alongside today’s top B2B marketers.

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Video Transcript

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