Nicolas Tessier

Global Head of Experience Design advisory at CBRE

The big forces transforming the work of the future

Duration: 45 Minutes

During their conversation, Nicolas Tessier and Lucas Goransky discussed a range of topics: 

1) The evolution of the Real Estate Industry

2) The Forces that are transforming the work of the future

3) The similarities between the transformation of the retail industry and the workplace

4) How are cities re-shaping with the new reality of remote work

More about Nicolas Tessier

Nicolas Tessier has 15+ years of experience as a global innovation and design executive, working for/at big fortune 500 companies, experience design agencies or as an entrepreneur. Nico likes to use creative intelligence to design innovative solutions (product, service, culture) that solve big industry problems.

Today, Nicolas leads Host advisory, a consulting entity part of CBRE, helping real estate investors/owners and Fortune 100 occupiers adapt to the fast-changing work experience landscape; in taking an informed approach on designing, implementing and activating user-centric and connected hybrid work ecosystems.

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Video Transcript

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