Tomas O'Farrell

Co-Founder at Workana

The Why and How of remote freelancing

Duration: 29 Minutes

Remote work is a reality. 
The big question now is, how will organizations embrace it?

In this opportunity, Lucas chats with Tomas O'Farrell, co-founder at Workana, about the benefits, risks and challenges of the new era of work. Freelancers, full-time remote employees, part-time contractors, get up to speed on the latest trends of the work-world and understand where we are heading in terms of the employee-employer relationships. 

Not only this, but also understand how companies need to adapt in order to foster this new reality and while still being appealing to the rising talent.

More about Tomas O'Farrell

Tomas has 20 years of experience founding and scaling Internet startups in Latin America, and more recently in Asia.

A seasoned entrepreneur, he's been working on a shift in the world of work since 2012, when he co-founded Workana. Since then, Workana has seen tremendous growth in the region, becoming market leaders, and even expanding beyond Latin America and into South East Asia.

Tomas is passionate about putting together high-performance teams and pushing the boundaries.

Video Transcript

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