Raphael Hammel

Founder at Reframed Thinking & Adjunct Lecturer, USyd

Why your brain is the enemy to good strategy… and what to do about it?

Duration: 15 Minutes

Planning and executing strategy is not an easy task. 

In his keynote, Raphael addresses two common flaws professionals face when taking on the challenge to plan and execute strategy. By highlighting how our biases lead to failures in strategy, he shares how to get the most out of your brain without tripping yourself in the (strategy) process.

More about Raphael Hammel

Raphael is a strategic designer and innovator focused on helping people and teams realise their potential, with a focus on creating structural changes that enable organisations to turn into innovation engines.

Raphael draws from a wide range of disciplines: he is a trained electronics engineer (Airbus A350 development), became an accomplished management consultant (Deloitte), before focusing on business design, strategy and innovation (UTS). He has led teams developing new strategies, advised organisation leaders and helped shape the University of Sydney Master of Design Innovation / Strategic Design.

Raphael founded Reframed Thinking to help brave leaders explore new paths forward, putting into practice his ever-growing theoretical reading in a highly pragmatic way. He also helped shape the University of Sydney Master of Design Innovation / Strategic Design (where he is now an Adjunct Lecturer)

Note from the speaker: "I, unfortunately, recorded this video after 3 months in lockdown, so excuse my terribly unkempt hair!"

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