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Ultimate strategy webinar.
Let's ditch the old ways and start fresh!

JAN 26 - 5 PM Eastern Time  |  Jan 27 - 9 AM Sydney Time
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Strategy is NOT what it used to be, so let's stop going through the same motions at the start of the year, hoping to get a BETTER result!

Join us for this special webinar, where we'll show you how you can change the game and execute a plan that works for you and your team!

✔️ Discover a new way to execute strategy
✔️ Build a strategy that lives IN your day-to-day
✔️ Skip the strategy jargon that slows you down
✔️ Get a sneak-peek into the future of strategy!


Don't let your strategy die in the boardroom.

We've seen thousands of strategies die in endless boardroom meetings simply because they are not communicated or engaged with the wider team in an effective way. Your strategy should thrive amongst those who execute it, not those that sit in boardrooms. 

Let's get you off the planning hamster wheel and show you how you can turn your vision into execution seamlessly!

We'll help you take your strategy from 'boredroom' to loved by all!

Here lies the strategy that never left the boardroom in 2022 (3)
webinar - old school strategy hits

Mick Jagger can get no satisfaction.

It's time to listen to new strategy hits. The old strategy frameworks from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's have some wisdom... granted. But the reality of the world complex and frameworks are not enough.

You'll need a purpose-built system that listens less to the old strategy books and more to your people in the front-line...

We'll show you how to build that system in this session without reading 100s of books

Quit presenting. Start evolving.

Sure. Presenting your strategy is fun! It's exciting, and it feels like we have started something big, especially at the start of the year... but presentations are only events. 

Your strategy needs to be constantly shared, engaged, and exposed to everyone so that it can adapt alongside the teams that make it happen!

We'll show you how to share your strategy in a dynamic way that helps you and your team evolve it.

webinar - fancy presentation
webinar - top down

Crazy as lockdowns!

Traditional strategies tend to flow in a top-down manner, but this doesn't always work. Instead, a good strategy needs to have the ability to move from and in any direction, empowering those that drive it. 

We'll show you how to build an omnidirectional strategy that adapts with your team!

Less content.
More context!

It's easy to get stuck in the story we try to tell with a strategy. After all, we want something compelling so that everyone will rally behind the vision. 

But the CONTEXT of the strategy can change dramatically, depending on who is consuming it, so it is important to expose your strategy to feed the needs of the individuals in your team(s).

We'll show you how to deliver context in your strategy, naturally aligning to everyday actions!

webinar - context
webinar - outcomes

≠ outcomes

There's an ever-increasing obsession with output and productivity, and this approach can easily cripple your strategy from day one.

We'll show you how to keep your strategy focused on outcomes while still measuring projects and KPIs that matter.

tom wright

“The real problem is that people think of strategy as this pseudo-intellectual MBA educated group of men sitting around brainstorming and then throwing those ideas out into the world. When in reality, it's actually about helping people understand their role and then giving them the tools to go and execute, knowing that what they're doing is going to deliver against the bigger picture.”

Tom Wright
Founder and CEO

You're in good hands

Tom is the founder and CEO of Cascade - The go-to strategy execution platform, so he knows a thing or two about the challenges around strategy execution and everything else that comes along with it.

You do not want to miss this session, so sign up early, as we'll have limited spots available to allow for interaction between you and Tom!