June 21, 11 AM ET


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Stop Making Bad Decisions

Margins are tightening, markets are changing and competitive pressure is at a boiling point. You simply can't afford to make bad decisions in 2023.

Here is the impact of bad decisions:
of strategic projects exceeded allocated budget
months average delay in delivery of major investments
of resources are wasted on misaligned initiatives


Strategy Fest 2023

June 21, 11 AM ET

3 hours

100% Free

Online Event

Join us for Strategy Fest, the biggest strategy event of the year, 100% free and online.

You'll hear live panel discussions and keynotes from leaders at the biggest brands as they unpack their solutions to the increasing lack of visibility and context as business complexity grows.

Learn how deeply tied bad decision-making is to lack of visibility and the difference between approaches of leaders and laggards in 2023.

You'll leave the event with playbooks used by the most successful teams that enable them to focus on right vs. wrong and the ways they evaluate the next steps, allowing them to pivot quickly.

But what would a festival be without some fun? We have an incredible lineup of entertainment, including a live brass band and DJ, as well as a performance from the famous Magician and Mentalist, Keith Barry.

Florencia Ardissone
Executive Director - Customer Insights & Pricing Analytics
Matteo Coppola
Integrated Business Planning Director
Karol Gobczynski
Head of Climate & Energy
Koen Burghouts
Vice President Innovation
Laura Blackmore
Director of Product Experience


Francesca Cassidy
Deputy Editor
Intelligent reports that inspire business leaders
Official Media Partner

Let’s not forget the fun stuff 🎉

Live DJ
Bibi Keelez
Brass Band
Funk You Brass Band
Keith Barry
Corporate Bro

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Questions? We have answers.

What is Strategy Fest?
Strategy Fest is the world’s largest online strategy event. For three hours, you’ll hear from business leaders who will share their experiences and insights on strategy execution. In addition, you’ll enjoy exceptional entertainment acts, including a DJ, a brass band, an illusionist, and a comedian. It’s a FREE ONLINE event that allows business professionals from all around the globe to share their stories of success and failure, and learn from each other.
Who should attend Strategy Fest?
In a nutshell, everyone. In previous years, we’ve attracted over 40,000 registrations from around the world, encompassing every industry and line of business. We host several other events throughout the year, including World Strategy Day and Strategy Bootcamp. Strategy Fest is our most groundbreaking event. Whether you’re a company of five or a Fortune 500, there’s valuable learning to take away from Strategy Fest.
When is the event?
Strategy Fest takes place on June 21st at 11 am ET. It’s an online and free event.
Will the event be recorded?
Absolutely! Just like our other events, Strategy Fest will be recorded, and you’ll gain free access to the recordings shortly after the event concludes. All you need to do is register.
What is Cascade?
Cascade is a strategy execution platform that helps organizations across the globe transform their strategies into action and their visions into reality. Our customers are redefining the world - from battling the AIDS epidemic to establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines to building the world’s fastest Formula One car. Over 6,000 teams rely on our platform to plan, execute, measure and adapt their strategies, aligning teams to what matters most with transparency and clear direction spanning automotive, consumer goods, education, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain.
How can I start using Cascade?
You can sign up for free using by clicking this link