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Kickstart your strategy framework into action. Use for any desired framework, from Balanced Scorecard to OGSM and Hoshin Kanri.
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Prescribe a standard way of thinking about strategy throughout your organization.

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Understand what elements to consider when building a strategy from the ground up.


Balanced Scorecard

Standardize your 4 themes: Cascade core themes down to your business units with standard focus areas for learning and growth, business processes, customers and finance.
Set your goals: Bring your four key focuses back down to earth by creating actionable plans for each department and team. 
Keep a transparent record: Report back to the business on the health and progress associated with each of your four core focuses along with detailed reporting by plan.
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Objectives, Goals,
Strategies & Measures (OGSM)

Plot a structured approach: Create clear, repeatable formats that detail exact actions and cascade down through the different departments in your business.
Centralize your efforts: Bring all of the OGSM components across all of your departments together under a single roof for review & reporting.
Track your measures: Monitor your KPIs and get projections for where you need to be based on your timeline.
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Hoshin Kanri

Transpose your mind map: Make your strategy relatable to your teams by transforming it into the actionable, outcome-style format your teams are used to.
Bring your X-matrix to life: Nest your objectives or create upward contributions from other plans so that related long and short-term outcomes connect up and down the chain.
Set your Hoshin Goals: Create a single plan that shows contributions between long-term ideas and annual timeboxed outcomes with automated tracking.
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Unsure of how to get your framework out of the PowerPoint slide and into execution mode? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside of the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you scope and drive your strategic plan from idea to reality. 

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