Drive long-term change without confusion.

Align your teams through a large-scale transformation with ease. Create a guide for change, keeping teams engaged and comfortable along the journey.
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Transformation with Cascade.

For transformation owners

Make your change visible and meaningful to those impacted, not a burden.

For team members

Understand a clear path forward and the steps needed to get there.


Identify roadblocks ahead.

Review risks and dependencies: Map relationships and risks across all of your plans to create proactive action plans.
Drive outcomes cross-functionally: Reduce silos and make sense of interconnected work with cross-plan contributions.
Focus where there are problems to solve: Examine how relational dependencies impact or contribute to your progress.
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Make big change bite-sized.

Scope Milestones: Break down big objectives into measurable time-boxed initiatives and targets–tackling them with ease. 
Evaluate the health of activities: Proactively decide what’s working and what’s not by monitoring and reporting on the health.
Reduce silos across your teams: Create natural cross-functional working patterns–showcasing the relationships between work.
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Progress toward the end state.

Measure impact meaningfully: Connect high-level metrics to targets for a better understanding of what's moving the needle. 
Track key indicators: Set meaningful measures of success for each outcome and easily monitor your progress.
Report on your successes: Create custom modular reports across your plans to summarize health and completion. 
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Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to approach behavioral and change management programs during a full-scale transformation? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside of the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you transform your business.

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