Reports & Dashboards

Quantify your decision-making

Gauge an accurate picture of your strategic performance. Evaluate your margins at a glance to weigh revenue-generating versus cost-impacting initiatives.

Exactly how you wish it was

Observe your
strategy live
Monitor your key metrics and critical business and strategic information live. Use visualizations to present insights that power decision-making.
Add context
to your reports
Combine information from different parts of your business and strategy. Add context, slice-and-dice data, and maintain a historical record over time.
Bring transparency to
your stakeholders
Invite your stakeholders to collaborate on your strategy alongside you—balance with access controls for confidentiality when needed.


Analyze performance

Customize outputs: Build custom, modular reports & dashboards with ease. Import information from across the platform to share your narrative.
Create with flexibility: Power your decisions with unlimited combinations. Use text, chart, or metric-based widgets to represent data.
Visualize effortlessly: Review key data points from across Cascade’s environment - adding them as widgets in your visualizations.
Dashboard mockup


Capture context

Investigate deeply: Drill into trends to understand the root cause. Craft a narrative around those patterns and add it to your reports.
Make what you need: Slice and dice information in tabular format as you see fit. Show data across all the platform grouped by type to build your story.
Keep a record: Snapshot your historical progress in a given time period. Mark milestones, reference benchmarks, and compare changes over time.
Dashboard mockup


Collaborate with stakeholders

Share information: Share the report in one click from Cascade, or email to anyone who needs the information.
Format quickly: Get beautiful, pre-formatted reports straight from the system. Export in PDF or present full-screen, no copy & paste required!
Invite discussion: Address queries immediately by allowing stakeholders to add inline comments or questions directly to relevant information.
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Make strategic performance tangible

See why strategy reporting is more effective when you move it out of those clunky slide decks.