Operational Efficiency

Zero in on the waste of misalignment.

Reduce duplication and get your teams working towards a unified outcome.
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Improved Operational Efficiency with Cascade.

For operations owners

Aligned operations with  everyone working towards a standard set of outcomes.

For team members

Showcase your work and how it impacts operational excellence.


Reduce duplication across your business.

Standardize your operations: Focus teams on core outcomes by identifying common strategic themes that cascade across your operating plan.
Identify duplicated efforts: Zero in on efforts that are outside of your core areas of focus to pinpoint and correct them.
Set your review cadence: Start regular operations reviews to monitor changes and make decisions on where progress is most impactful.
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Continuously improve, everyday.

Iterate on your operational approach: Quickly find areas to adjust by creating a flexible strategy that’s set up with measurable impact and health.
Measure what matters: Set the standard of the key metrics you’re looking to improve, then connect those metrics through to individual team KPIs.
Track KPIs in real-time: Set a quantifiable target for the outcomes you’re looking to drive, then monitor your progress to decide on next steps.
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Rally teams towards a central vision.

Visualize your strategy on a page: Create transparency with a single digital view of your mission, vision, values and core metrics.
Standardize your approach: Drive alignment by setting your top strategic themes and cascading them up and down your plans.
Connect on-the-ground work to strategy: Demonstrate how initiatives link up to the bigger picture. Nest key outcomes for detailed planning or breakdown objectives into tasks and milestones.
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Cascade services for operational efficiency

Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to focus your strategy towards meaningful gains operationally? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside of the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you achieve OE gains in a new way. 

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