Strategy Planner

Go from why to how before Sunday

Break down the complexity of your strategy from high-level initiative to executable outcome.

Exactly how you wish it was

Your plans, your way with any framework
Use any strategy framework, even something custom to break down big ideas by initiatives and targets, or group by themes.
See your strategy
execution in action
Observe execution across various parts of your plan. Get different views to understand what’s on track and what’s behind.
Showcase hard work and progress
Source progress updates proactively across your teams, or make use of integrations to automatically sync progress.


Plan flexibly

Build any framework: Work with the approach you’re most familiar with – utilize our flexible strategy model to work across any standard framework from OKRs to BSC, and beyond.
Categorize activities: Classify your objectives, measures, projects, and actions according to your tracking needs.
Layer initiatives: Create contributing objectives across multiple plans or break down big initiatives into nested sub-initiatives for enhanced clarity.
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Monitor progress

Measure health: Immediately identify at-risk initiatives and targets with Cascade’s patented health score.
Analyze plan performance: Dive deeper into the health and progress of a single initiative or a strategic theme. Maintain an audit trail of all changes and progress.
Review plan status: Assess all activities together in a Kanban or Timeline-style view to see what’s on track or replan priorities based on workload.
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Gather updates

Set a strategy cadence: Cue your teams to share progress and roadblocks at scheduled intervals in Cascade or from external collaboration tools.
Automate updates: Eliminate double data entry by fetching progress data from the project and task management tools where your teams work today.
Customize capture: Add additional fields to your templated updates to capture what matters most. Use for health checks, team updates, and more.
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