Objectives & Key Results

The strategy-centric way to do OKRS

Scale the OKR methodology past a simple goal-setting framework and into organization-level strategy execution.
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OKRs in Cascade.

For strategy owners

Get your team members aligned to the greater purpose of the organization.

For team members

Gain transparency into what the core focuses of all teams are across the business.


Create an outcome-focused culture.

Create quality ORKs: Drive focus by bringing your most important business metrics front and center during OKR creation.
Align OKRs to strategy: Maintain consistency by setting your strategic themes as focus areas and nesting OKRs against each theme team by team. 
Set a uniform structure: Preset OKR terminology across the platform to standardize and define your processes.
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Quantify your success with purpose.

Measure impact meaningfully: Connect high-level metrics with key results to unpack how individual activities are moving the needle.
Track Key Results: Set meaningful measures of success for each objective and easily monitor your progress with automated update capture.
Report on your successes: Create custom modular reports across your plans to summarize outcomes, health and progress toward your goals.
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Manage OKRs with ease.

Scale your OKR administration: Get a single overarching view of all OKRs and their performance as they roll out across your business.
Set your OKR cadence: Establish a cycle of OKR planning with prompted updates, monthly performance check-ins.
Adapt your OKRs: Change your OKRs quickly to react to new conditions or priorities established by the business while keeping an ongoing record.
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Cascade services for OKR management

Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to use OKRs across your business for strategy execution? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside of the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you create high-quality OKRs that scale.

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