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What We Stand For

Respecting the value of people's passion

Time is the only resource that can never be replenished. People care about what they do with their time - and they care about what they do at work. Cascade stands to respect that reality and to help organizations harness the passion of their people in a way that is focused, ambitious, empowering and creative. The road that we’ve chosen to travel on to get there is strategy - and our vehicle is Cascade.


What We Stand Against

Individualism over collectivism

We stand against the idea that managers are smarter than their people. That success can come from a small nucleus who ignore the value of the whole of their organization. We stand against the notion that ‘good’ strategy is about fancy frameworks instead of empowerment and execution.


Our Vision

Alignment. Clarity. Purpose.

To help organizations succeed by unlocking the power of their entire workforce by bringing alignment, clarity and purpose to everyone who works there.


Check out some of the key moments in our short history as we strive to build the best business SaaS platform out there.


July 2013

Eric Perriard & Tom Wright co-found Cascade after seeing first-hand how organizations lack the ability to empower their people. They hire Joe Ruello as the first official employee.

Key People

March 2014

Key early hires including Meina William, Jane Clinton & Dan Knights join the team - who go on to become our heads of IT, Product and Enterprise respectively.

Going Global

January 2015

Eric sets up the first international Cascade location in Seoul, South Korea. The team there focus on data science and artificial intelligence features for the platform.

Global Recognition

March 2015

Cascade Strategy is recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor 2015 in Program & Portfolio Management, cited for its ease-of-use and flexibility.


August 2016

Cascade cements its presence in North America with the opening of a full-service office in Portland, Oregon. Carl Cox and his team are on the ground leading our expansion.

Four-Figure Success

November 2018

Cascade signs up its 1,000th paying company - representing over 25,000 users. Those users are spread out over no fewer than 60 different countries.

Building a Community 

April 2019

Cascade holds it's first-ever strategy conference in Portland. There were over 100 attendees from 12 different countries with a common goal of improving strategy creation and execution within their organizations.

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