Portfolio Management

Break down barriers between portfolios.

Drive strategy while aligning, optimizing and creating relationships between your portfolios of work.
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Portfolio Management with Cascade.

For portfolio managers

Enhance your visibility and access across portfolios to maximize returns and manage dependencies. 

For team members

Easily roll-up your work and track its contribution to the broader corporate portfolio.


Manage strategic portfolios.

Align strategic themes: Drive strategic consistency across your portfolios by implementing shared Focus Areas. 
Allocate resources: Track any element–cost, RAG status, or budget code against every portfolio using custom fields and types. 
Create relationships: Connect the work happening in one portfolio with its impacts across the business with cross-portfolio contributions.
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Track progress across portfolios.

Review Initiatives: Set up levels underneath your portfolios to track initiatives all the way down to the task level. 
Track project progress: Set up milestones, stage gating or checklists to adequately measure your progress.
Mitigate risks: Track and trend risks across your portfolio, setting a risk score and likelihood through the lifecycle of the work.
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Visualize your end state.

Measure impact meaningfully: Connect high-level metrics to key results to unpack how individual activities are moving the needle. 
Track KPIs: Set meaningful measures of success for each outcome and easily monitor your progress.
Report on your successes: Create custom modular reports across your plans to summarize outcomes, health and progress toward your goals. 
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Cascade services for portfolio management

Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to manage and align strategy across your portfolios? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside of the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you with your portfolio management. 

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