Thinking About Going Enterprise?

Let's dig into the details. Cascade Enterprise is for organizations who are serious about transforming themselves into execution powerhouses. Here's everything you need to know.

All Software Features Included

Get access to every single one of our strategy software features including:

  • Unlimited strategy model customization
  • Unlimited strategic plans & goals
  • Unlimited dashboards & reports
  • Unlimited users
  • Engagement & alignment reports
  • Strategy explorer
  • Private goals

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Expert Implementation & Services

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will identify where you need help beyond the software, and has access to our team of strategy specialists who will provide services such as:

  • Strategy formulation & workshops
  • Strategic governance
  • Strategic plan audits
  • Detailed training on both theory & the software
  • Full software implementation
  • System integration design

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Enterprise-Grade Security & Reliability

Some of the largest organizations in the world run their business from Cascade. That's why we're relentless about security and reliability.

  • Single Sign-On supported
  • Choose the location for your data
  • Sandbox environments
  • Custom security policies
  • Dedicated hosting options
  • 99.5% uptime SLA

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Customer Stories

Thousands of businesses run strategy from Cascade [see examples]

“Cascade worked with us to launch in multiple offices and regions within the US. Our strategies were centralized within Cascade, and our users were trained how to see what goals and KPIs were assigned, and how they impact the strategy regionally, for the practice, and the firm.”
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Teresa Dunne
Tax Strategy Execution Lead

Cascade is a cool tool. I used to put things in Excel, but it was so hard to keep up with. Cascade is very defined and easy to use.”

Dr. Jayne Moschella
Executive Vice President & Provost

“The big shift is from everyone being enthusiastic & doing lots of work - to that same thing, but in a structured way, inputting information into one place.”

Katy McEwan
Senior Project Officer

A Typical Enterprise Implementation:

Whilst all of our Cascade Enterprise implementations are different, you can expect your implementation to include:

Sample Enterprise Onboarding Timeline-1

All implementations include:

Dedicated Customer Success

We're a partner rather than a vendor. Your dedicated representative will understand your needs and tailor an experience to drive the value that you’re looking for from the software.

Implementation Project Plan

Your dedicated CSM will develop a plan for onboarding your team into the software, based on key deliverables and timelines that you put forward to make sure you’re hitting your targets.

Easy Onboarding

Cascade is built to be simple, but many strategies are not. We'll make setup take hours instead of days, and get your entire plan built exactly the way you want within the software.

Problem Solving

Cascade is a flexible tool that works for Fortune 500s to startups. We know how to maximize flexibility and strike a balance between simple vs powerful. We see 1000’s of strategies, making us experts at answering questions and working to troubleshoot issues that arise.

Customized Training

Your users won’t get a generic “click here” training, but rather a customized experience using videos, webinars, and tailored documentation to drive home the value to every user. Have specific training needs? No problem, we can cater to that too.

Regular Check-ins

Quarterly analysis to break down how much value you’re getting from the tool, what adjustments should be made, and how we can help. You also get valuable insight into our product roadmap, and direct communication from our product team.

Plus the following optional consulting services:

Strategic Plan Audit

A comprehensive audit for your current strategy with a detailed report and presentation to senior management with recommendations for improvements.

Strategy Model Workshop

Let us work with you to figure out exactly how you want your strategic plan to work, which frameworks you want to use and what kind of goal, update and task templates you need.

Objective & KPI Workshop

We'll run a series of expert sessions with you and your team to write high quality strategic objectives and KPIs to help keep you on-track. Perfect if you need a strategic booster-shot.

Strategic Governance

A bespoke governance program to help you stay focused on executing strategy. From aligning reports to meetings, right through to specific templates for capturing strategic updates.

Strategic Facilitation

Think you might benefit from your first few strategy meetings facilitated by an expert? We've got you covered. We'll run your strategy meetings and help you use the software simultaneously.

System Integrations

Cascade works best with data flowing from your core business systems. Our integrations team will work with you to design and build a solution to getting data where it needs to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start a free trial of Teams or Enterprise?

You can start a free trial (no credit card required) anytime. The free trial will contain the software features from our Enterprise plan, but without any of the service elements.

What are my payment options?

For Teams, we accept payment by credit card or PayPal. Enterprise accounts can be paid via invoice. If your Teams subscription is more than $5,000 annually, you can also pay by invoice.