Cascade for Enterprise

It takes a village

Partnering with you to offer holistic and tailored expertise to strategy execution. In this village, the sky’s not the limit–it’s only a milestone.
Thousands of the world's leading enterprises trust Cascade.

The 5 why’s of Enterprise

Transformational Partnerships: Tap into a lifetime relationship with best-in-class advisory and workshops on strategy execution done right.
Customer Success & Implementation: Gain an accountability coach, providing expertise on implementing and enabling the Cascade Platform along your journey.
Network & Customer Advisory Board: Join a global network of strategic-minded leaders. Connect, trade advice, and learn new ways of working.
The Platform: Leverage standout, category-leading software with enhanced Enterprise customizations, added flexibility, and extensive connections.
Enterprise-grade Security: Offload your worries with high-end protection that keeps your most valuable information locked down.

Transformational Partnership

Humans focused on moving your business forward

Leverage Cascade’s proven approach to executing strategy. Participate in custom strategy execution workshops led by expert Strategy Execution Directors who will act as your trusted advisor, helping to make your vision a reality.

Organizational Behavior & Change Management

Develop practical methods to promote a positive work culture, overcome resistance to change, and enhance stakeholder engagement.

Making Sense of the Chaos

Create a cohesive, effective strategy that aligns with business objectives and drives tangible results.

Cross-functional Strategic Alignment

Allocate resources strategically, promote cross-functional collaboration, and accountability to develop a clear roadmap for implementing strategic initiatives together.

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

Learn how to communicate the purpose, benefits, and progress of Cascade, engaging stakeholders throughout the process.

Creating a Strategy as Usual (SAU) Culture

Establish an effective operating rhythm for governance, integrating metrics into key reporting instances to ensure that your strategy is not just a plan but a way of doing business.

Reverse Engineering your business

Balance growth, profit, and control while aligning business functions under core strategic pillars.

Rolling Out Effective Strategies

Break down high-level initiatives into measurable, achievable components that feed into business and functional strategies.

Customer Success & Implementation

Meet your Cascade platform experts

Let’s admit it, change can be tricky. To help you along the way, the Customer Success & Implementation team at Cascade is here for you. They work with you to maximize your team’s adoption and understanding of the tool at each step of the journey.

Designated Customer Success Manager

From product knowledge to driving outcomes, your Customer Success Manager has you covered. They help you to get the most out of Cascade with dedicated Quarterly Business Reviews and regular engagement reporting, acting as your single point of contact across your journey.

Fully tailored onboarding

As an enterprise customer, you'll participate in our guided implementation process–where a product expert will tailor your setup of Cascade directly to your needs and help you enable your teams.

8-12 Week Guided Implementation

You’ll be out of the gates using Cascade in no time flat. Cascade’s implementation process is free with an enterprise subscription and includes live, personalized sessions focused on connecting your tools, business settings, team administration, data ingestion, reporting, and launch. 

Global Support

If you’ve got questions, we have answers. Reach out to the Cascade Support Team via chat or email anytime, day and night. They are here to help you troubleshoot quirks and give answers immediately to your most pressing concerns. 

Network & Customer Advisory Board

Welcome to the club

Cascade is the strategy platform of choice for organizations and executives throughout the world. But it's not just about the platform - when you join Cascade, you become part of a global strategy execution community.

Become a strategy leader

Your ideas on strategy matter here. Together, we can facilitate the collaboration and communication needed to build a community focused on the future of strategy execution.

Connect with people like you

Exchange ideas with 100+ executives and strategy professionals from industries just like yours.

Build your brand

Earn keynote speaking opportunities at Cascade’s worldwide strategy events. Attend events with VIP customer passes to access workshops, presentations, and priority roundtables.

Influence product vision

Your opinions matter at Cascade and you’ll always have a seat at the table. Enterprise Customer Advisory Board members meet regularly to discuss product vision and collaborate on new ways of working.

The Platform

Software powered by the tools you use today

Cascade is not just another tool to change-manage through your organization. The idea is simple, your teams continue to use the tools they like, and we do the work in the background to connect their inputs with your strategic outputs.

Custom integrations

Sometimes, out-of-the-box just won’t work. Leverage Cascade’s Customer Success Engineers and API to make the most of the connections between your business systems and Cascade.

Strategy frameworks & naming

Deploy any of your favorite frameworks from OKRs to Balanced Scorecard. Use custom naming conventions across the platform to reflect the different elements of your strategy.

Custom fields & theming

Collect specialized information in planning phases or as initiatives proceed. Tag and categorize inputs across each level of your strategy to report cross-functionally.

View-only licenses

Bring your internal and external stakeholders along in the journey. Add view only users to your account to add another layer of accountability and remain transparent on your progress.

Enterprise Security

Your data, your details, locked down.

Your strategy is as important to us as it is to you. When you use Cascade, you can rest easy knowing that your business-critical information is secure.

99.5% uptime SLA

When you need us, we’ll be there. Cascade’s robust continuity and disaster management policies, coupled with reliable platform architecture, take care of any contingencies and keep things running smoothly.

Regulatory & Compliance

Know that your data is safe with us. Cascade partners with top cloud service providers to ensure best-in-class security practices.
*This compliance certification is held by a trusted Cascade data storage partner. For more detailed information on security & compliance request a demo or contact our Support Team.

Single Sign-On

Secure doesn’t have to mean friction. Make authentication and logging in pain-free with SSO, while maintaining your security, availability, and confidentiality standards with ease.

Data Hosting

Store your data your way. Cascade offers a variety of cloud storage locations in the United States, Australia, European Union, and others to comply with your internal policies and regulatory preferences. 


Consider your strategy locked down. Cascade’s in-transit data encryption uses SSL with TLS 1.2 and IPSec/SSH tunneling. At-rest data encryption data uses AES-256.

Return on Investment

A solid investment that’s worth making

You won’t be waiting around to find value in Cascade. Breakeven within a few months and 3X your investment in under a year.
Deliver major initiatives faster
A major UK-based construction firm reduces project timeline lage by 20% through unlocking better resource alignment and mapping strategic dependencies.
Increase operational efficiency
Top global retailer increases its competitive advantage by reducing the time between concept to store by 35% through shared supplier and team KPIs.
Reduce waste and misalignment
A major UK-based construction firm reduces project timeline lage by 20% through unlocking better resource alignment and mapping strategic dependencies.
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Don’t do it all alone

Book a session with our our strategy execution experts to find out the Cascade way to move forward with your strategy execution.