Strategy Execution Partners

The strategy execution platform prospects will love & you can rely on.

Provide your prospects with a level of clarity and an ability to execute strategy like never before. We provide the support you need, while you become a superhero to customers.
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Instantly distinguish yourself from every other strategy consultant.

Our referral program is perfect for consultants, resellers and even freelancers with a wide network of clients and prospects who can benefit from Cascade's unique strategy execution platform.


Create a close partnership with the leader in strategy software to add a major revenue stream to your business.
Low complexity
No commitment
Medium revenue opportunity
Don’t require your own instance
No partner portal
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Help your clients find the solutions they’ve been looking for and share some revenue in the process.
More complex
5-10 hours commitment
High revenue opportunity
Your own instance of up to 10 users
Partner portal provided
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Platform demo for potential partners

This 20 minute demo will cover:
The features of Cascade
How features are specifically useful for partners
Best practices from other partners


You’ve built the strategy, now give your clients the perfect answer to “now what?” Cascade’s referral program is the solution to making that beautiful strategy come to life and go from a document on the shelf to a plan in action.
Create a new revenue stream while giving your clients a huge value-add. Cascade’s referral program offers revenue share of 10% of all referred deals, and 10% of all trailing revenue - think upgrades and renewals.

It’s easy to refer.

The Cascade Referral program offers two ways to send clients our way. You’ll have your own affiliate link, which allows us to track new free trials that came through you, or you can log leads directly in your portal. Both methods will capture the lead source and allow us to automatically give credit where it's due.

Tracking your performance is easy.

Your portal will allow you to track the progress of each referred lead throughout their Cascade journey, from initial click, to free trial, to closed deal. It’s all automated and connected to your account for optimum assurance and convenience.


Partner with the world leader in strategy software. Provide your clients with a start-to-finish solution for all their strategy needs.
Increase your revenue by adding the world’s leading strategy software to your package. Gone are the days when your revenue is limited to the hours in the day. Cascade will allow you to sell software licenses (meaning recurring revenue) without developing the software yourself! The reseller program gives you opportunities to develop a large revenue stream and merge it with your current services.

Pricing that fits your offering.

You’ll have your own reduced pricing of Cascade, which will allow you to sell licenses directly to your clients. This means that you’ll be able set your own price for Cascade, and choose whether to sell it separately or combined with your services.

Market development opportunities.

Cascade plans on serving every market and industry in the world, and we need our partners’ help to do that! We’ll be developing specific markets with partners and sharing leads in certain cases, to get there. Joining the reseller program will unlock opportunities and funds towards expanding Cascade through you.

Tools to help you succeed.

Beyond marketing opportunities, you’ll have a partner portal from Cascade to create new trials for prospects, and manage all of your clients centrally. Additionally, you’ll receive your own instance of Cascade for internal usage and demo purposes.

Become part of a community.

Cascade is growing fast, and we have dozens of consultants reaching out to us every week to discuss a potential partnership. We’re building a community of partners across the globe, with the potential to share ideas and maybe even clients!