Metrics & Measures

Power strategic decisions with intelligence

Connect your business data directly to your core initiatives in Cascade for clear data-driven alignment.

Exactly how you wish it was

Get all your metrics at
your fingertips
Bring your operating and financial business-level goals together with your strategy under one single roof.
Set a standard of
Assign targets in your strategic plans against high-level metrics progress.
Align data to your
strategic story
Bring quantitative information into the picture by reporting strategy progress against company-level objectives.


Consolidate metrics

Centralize business metrics: Integrate all core metrics directly from your business systems, data lakes, BI tools, or spreadsheets.
Set benchmarks: Find gaps and improvement opportunities in your business before you kick off your planning process.
Analyze impact: Review performance across the business or by department while tying those numbers back to your overarching strategy.
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Breakdown value

Connect business goals to KPIs: Align your goals and targets with corporate-level metrics to paint the big picture of impact.
Calculate & input metrics: Sum and average smaller metrics into greater value tracking to drive accountability with your teams.
Create relational metrics: Plugin non-calculating metrics to form relationships between different values.
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Connect impact

Set KPIs: Assign measurable targets at the initiative level, identifying time-bound excellence against your initiatives.
Track progression: Automatically map expected progress to target so teams know how they are progressing against a set timeline.
Sub-measures: Surface a roll-up of divided targets, like regional breakdowns and more on the Planner view for enhanced tracking.
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