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Strategy software product tour

Watch a tour of the highest rated strategy execution software.

What you'll love about this product tour.

Whether you're new to strategic planning, or a strategy-pro looking for cutting-edge technology to help you succeed, this product-tour is tailor-made for you. Discover why Cascade has been rated the #1 strategy software in the world.
Straight to the point

No fancy positioning - just straight to the good stuff. Live screens from the actual software with no tricks.

Suitable for all audiences

With content for everyone from strategy beginners to seasoned professionals.

Complete overview

See how the different parts of Cascade fit together to form a cohesive platform.


Use the chapters feature to navigate to the product feature that you want to learn most about.

“ This is honestly the simplest and most effective way of doing strategy that I've discovered. I'm delighted to discover the Cascade way of doing things and have already shared it with several colleagues.”

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VP Sales & Marketing, Mercedes Benz