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What is Strategy Execution Software?

Strategy isn't a thing that you do in addition to running your business. It is your business.

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There are three main aspects to strategy execution software:


Tools that help organizations to formulate strategy, then properly structure and disseminate it throughout the organization. Often involves experimenting with the use of different strategy maps and strategic frameworks.

What Cascade will enable you to do:

Align at scale 

  • Every objective, project, and KPI in one place
  • Top-down structure meets bottom-up energy 
  • Radical transparency. Genuine accountability


Once a plan’s created, strategy execution software should help you effectively manage the components of that plan on a day-to-day basis. Typically that involves the updating of goals, projects and KPIs.

What Cascade will enable you to do:

Act with context 

  • Seamless transition from strategy to execution
  • Double down on focus knowing work is aligned
  • Easy integration to incumbent execution tools


Tracking the results of the different components of a plan, and then correlating those results to the overall success (or failure) of the strategy. This will typically involve the use of dashboards and reports.

What Cascade will enable you to do:

Adapt fast

  • Automated strategic reporting based on the inputs from your projects and KPIs
  • Instant real-time dashboards for every aspect of business
  • Simplify the complexity of your organization with powerful visualizations

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