Alignment & Relationships

Your business has never looked this aligned.

Visualize how different organizational plans work together to form your strategy and map the dependencies that may lie along your journey.

Exactly how you wish it was

Visualize strategic
Dive deeper into your strategy's horizontal and vertical alignment from the corporate to initiative and even project level.
Eliminate duplication
& resource waste
Pinpoint the activities across your business that are operating outside of your strategic focus to keep your teams on track.
Clear roadblocks on
your way to progress
Record and track the program risks, dependencies, and blockers that may lie along your strategic journey.


Map connections

Unpack horizontal alignment: Identify cross-functional work, review shared initiatives, and see which teams are working together to make progress on critical initiatives.
Discern vertical alignment: Craft a picture of how your top-level business strategy breaks down into functional and operational plans. Cascade your plans from top to bottom.
Review health: Monitor the health and execution scores of each plan at a high level. Understand where they connect and depend on one another, then go deeper where you notice the reds.
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Identify misalignment

Recognize orphan activities: View initiatives and plans that are not aligned with others in your strategy. Are they way off track, or is that some top-secret investment in action?
Pinpoint common root cause: Explore the ins and outs of your business to see how the interconnected nature of your plans or goals is contributing to health and progress.
Dive in deep: Cut the noise and zone in on what matters to make faster decisions. Filter relationships view by plan, health, focus area, and label to instantly see what you need to see.
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Track relationships

Document relationships: Create a list of the blockers, dependencies, and contributions to clear roadblocks with ease.
Reveal relational impacts: Explore any activity happening on your strategy to examine how relational dependencies or risks contribute to progress.
Mitigate Risks: Attach risks to initiatives to record and map your mitigation plans. Gather all your objectives that could put others at risk to conduct effective risk management.
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