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As a complex organization, we cherish the ability to consolidate multiple operations plans into a single platform. Each team's leader is in charge of their own plan.

Brent Fleming
Chief People Officer

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Cascade saves us a lot of time and effort. We are able to be much more efficient and effective in achieving our goals.

Julie Russell
EVP, Head of Behavioural Health & Wellness

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With just 50% growth in sales this year, we grew profitability by 800% through continuous improvements to operational efficiency. With Cascade, we are creating visibility, alignment and accountability and that’s why we think it is a perfect match.

Marius Turbatu
Corporate Development Director

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Learn how Australia's oldest university uses Cascade to manage their complex strategic plans.

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The Mac - Macarthur Credit Union

The Mac needed a strategy execution tool that aligned with their culture of openness and transparency.

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How Parker University maintain their strategic advantage as the leader in patient-centric healthcare.

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mrhg customer story

Engagement & empowerment is the key to success for MRHG's strategic implementation of Cascade

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Walters Hospitality customer story

With large teams across venues, Walter's were able to monitor strategic goals from management to individuals.

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How RSM International focuses on clear & consistent strategy that spans services lines and regions.

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By putting all our goals into a single tool, and looking at it all together, we realised we had gaps. We were then able to focus and align. Cascade was able to match the software to our tools and processes, which made it a easier to roll out to the whole organization.

Jenn Burton
Strategic Planning Director

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Rated 4.8 stars


Rated 4.9 stars

I'm excited to walk into our strategy kick off with a structure in place at both a corporate level and an operational level.

Our teams have ideas, objectives and actions but they are all different levels of maturity. We need a better way to bring alignment to what our operational teams are working on, and aligning it to our group strategic priorities. We were introduced to Cascade to give us a more holistic view of programs to monitor and measure. What I can see in Cascade from the Highways team is an incredible piece of work.

Claire Kershaw - Kier

Claire Kershaw
Strategy Director

The Cascade team worked with our leadership team and me to launch Cascade across multiple offices and regions within the US.

Our strategies are now centralized within Cascade, and our employees are trained and excited about working on their goals and KPIs in one place, and can see how they impact the strategy for their region, the practice, and the firm.

Teresa Dunne

Teresa Dunne
Tax Strategy Execution Lead at RSM

Cascade’s impressive traction to date with global companies of different sizes and industry focuses speaks to the ubiquity of the problem they are solving.

Strategy is hard to create and even harder to execute. Cascade’s focus on operationalizing strategic plans drives alignment and focus within organizations unlike any other solution in the market today. Bottomline, Cascade drives better outcomes for their customers. We are excited to partner with Cascade as they embark on this next stage of growth.

Mickey Arabelovic - Telescope Partners

Mickey Arabelovic
Founder of Telescope Partners

Being able to track how our teams are working together to drive our most important company initiatives and metrics in one place has been invaluable.

Week to week, I can dynamically visualize how our organization is collectively moving forward and impacting our communities and country as a whole.

Luis Mejia CEO EGE Haina

Luis Mejia
CEO at Ege Haina

Cascade is an easy to use, very customisable, dynamic platform for strategy planning and execution.

It makes strategy meaningful to all those who are using it. I really like the transparency that Cascade affords, and it has made a huge difference to how we hold people accountable to deliver on their goals.

Kirstin Harvey Wintec

Kirstin H
Enterprise planning manager

Cascade strategy client, University of Sydney
I love that it's cloud-based. That people can update projects wherever they are - from their laptops or even their phones.

That's really key for a university where we've got people traveling all of the time - domestically and internationally. I also found it really intuitive - immediately I thought - yep, I know how this works and it's pretty easy to figure it all out. That was important as I realized I wouldn't have too much trouble getting our teams and other project owners to use it.

Katy McEwen, Strategy Advisor at The University of Sydney

Katy McEwen
Strategy Advisor at The University of Sydney

Successful strategies thrive in Cascade.


Rated 4.8 stars


Rated 4.9 stars