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The Mac Credit Union

The Mac Credit Union use Cascade across their entire business to keep them razor-focused on strategy

use Cascade across their entire business to keep them razor-focused on strategy

The Mac Credit Union

The Mac Credit Union

The Mac are a credit union based in Sydney, Australia. They serve 18,000 members and deliver a range of banking services to meet their needs.

Key Challenges

Financial services is highly regulated and The Mac needed a way of capturing their strategic plan in a way that would demonstrate their high degree of lending responsibility to regulators, whilst embracing their internal philosophy of openness and transparency about strategy.

Biggest Wins

Cascade has not only set The Mac apart in terms of how they manage strategy in the eyes of the regulator, but it's also become the home of their ambitious growth plans.

Staff regularly log into the system to add their strategic updates for the management team. Or sometimes just to have a look at the latest goings on from teams around them.

Strategy Execution Must Align to Corporate Values

Openness and collaboration are huge drivers of the culture at The Mac. When looking for a strategy tool, they needed something that reflected this culture but still allowed them to store confidential strategic items with full confidence.

We needed something that supported our philosophy and culture. Cascade ticked that box 100%.

— David Cadden - CEO

The plan all along was to engage the entire workforce into the platform, so managing this balance between transparency and confidentiality was critical.

It's all About Focus

Prior to implementing Cascade, the team at MRHG relied on a combination of Excel and Drop Box for their strategy. But they found a range of issues, from technical problems in terms of version control through to the lack of visibility that those tools give to their broader set of stakeholders.

It's around keeping the focus on strategy - so we're not wasting time on things that aren't adding value to our business.

— David Cadden - CEO

The Mac have managed to weave strategy into their everyday operations by using the platform as the source of truth around strategy.

Cascade gives a very easy way to manage, control and disseminate information. It's the perfect tool, so long as you've had a good strategic think.

— David Cadden - CEO

As a result of the success of Cascade at The Mac, the platform has now been implemented at a large number of credit unions both in Australia and throughout the world.

I've referred about 6 clients to Cascade. We're so proud to be able to say to people that this thing works, and it will help you. I'm not here to sell your product - I'm just here to say that this thing works!

— David Cadden - CEO

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