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Transformation with Cascade.
Centralize your metrics
Align your core business metrics to your strategy automatically.
Align your initiatives
Automatically track the progress of work, no matter what tool your team uses.
Broadcast your progress
As your work changes, keep those impacted in the loop.
Customize your connections
Create integrations with any and all of the solutions in your tech ecosystem.


Data Integrations

Import data: Push various data streams through to your Metrics Library and other strategy elements from data warehouses or BI tools.
Track data progress: Automatically update the specific data points attached to your metrics, KPIs and targets.


Project Tracking Automation

Real-time progress & health: Automate your goal progress tracking by syncing external progress and updates from tools like Monday or Smartsheet. 
Automate workflows: Instantly create goals when a new program of work is created in your external project management tool like Asana or Jira. 



Review Initiatives: Toggle to Cascade directly from MS Teams to quickly review progress and add updates, or follow updates live from Slack.
Add updates: Bring Cascade into your normal flow of work and add updates directly from Outlook or manage due dates directly from your calendar.


Custom Integrations & Connectors

Custom Integrations: Craft bespoke connections and create multi-layered workflows with any and all of the tools you use in your tech stack.  
Use Microsoft Power Automate: Create powerful step-by-step connections utilizing the Microsoft App ecosystem. 
Leverage the Zapier library: Draft turn-key workflows from thousands of applications in the Zapier library.

Looking for something specific?

So you have a specific integration in mind? Look no further than the Cascade Integrations Library where you can review thousands of connections we offer and get started.
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Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to bring your vision to life? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside the platform. Learn more about how our Enterprise+ Services can help you scope and drive your strategy from idea to reality.

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