Strategy Planning

No more scattered spreadsheets.

Centralize your planning and set it in motion–making it easier than ever to know how your plan is progressing in real-time.
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Strategy Planning in Cascade.

For strategy owners

Cut down on duplicative data collection and provide visibility into strategic progress.

For team members

Find your impact by connecting your work back to the company’s broader vision.


Unify your teams against your vision.

Share your strategy: Create transparency with a digital view of your strategy and core metrics so that they remain front and center.
Prescribe standard themes: Drive alignment by setting your top strategic themes, then visualize how activities layer up to the big picture.
Connected work to strategy: Demonstrate how team projects link up to company goals. Nest key outcomes for detailed planning or breakdown objectives into milestones. 
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Digitize the details of your plan.

Set your goals: Break down big objectives into time-boxed projects, tasks and targets to easily tackle them.
Evaluate the health of activities: Drive accountability by monitoring the health of your strategic outcomes.
Maximize cross-functional alignment: Create contributions across plans to showcase relational work across the business. 
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Demonstrate progress towards outcomes.

Monitor KPIs with ease: Track your progress to target and get projections for where you need to be based on your timeline. 
Drive consistent engagement: Prompt your teams at scheduled intervals to input updates that bring qualitative context to your results. 
Report on successes: Create custom reports across your plans to summarize outcomes, health and progress toward your goals. 
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Cascade services for strategy planning

Move beyond software.

Unsure of how to bring your plan to life? Cascade offers a comprehensive solution focused on making you successful, even outside the platform. Learn more about how our Services can help you scope and drive your strategic plan from idea to reality.

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