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1. Customize your framework

Set your terminology with a strategy model

2. Organize your key outcomes

Set the tone with an overarching list. What will your team strive for in the weeks and months ahead?

3. Create a weekly strategy report

This will capture anything that happens in your strategy. No more static, boring documents.

4. Add teammates and align

Get your team to align to your outcomes. Work together on bringing this plan to life!

5. Update your progress

Combine subjective commentary and objective progress.

6. Adapt as you go!

Respond to change rather than just following your plan. Never lose alignment to what matters most!

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Customize your framework

Start with a best-in-class setup, and adjust terminology and custom fields as needed. This is where how YOU think of strategy comes into play.

Default Setup
Understand the default setup

This might be just the setup you need! Simplify or expand as needed.

Custom Templates
Add or take away templates as needed

Don’t overthink it - if it makes sense to just use a single template/term, do it! Keep it simple.

Custom Fields
Add or take away custom fields

Capture essential information for each goal type while minimizing any extra noise!


Organize your key outcomes

Every organization has key outcomes/objectives to strive for. Set up a few basic categories to group them in (Focus Areas), and start bringing your plan to life!

Dont overthink it
Don’t overthink it

You can always refine the wording and timelines later - just get your ideas down!

Work Backwards
Work backwards with the end in mind

How should our organization or team be different a month from now? What about by next quarter?

Don't worry about metrics
Don’t worry about metrics yet

If you don’t have specific metrics in mind yet, you can always add them later. Start by setting the tone with strong outcome statements linked to identity and improvement.

Create a weekly strategy report

Clear, concise, and consistent communication is the key to any great organization’s success. Bring it all together here.

Basic Template
Start with a basic template

The “Strategy” one will do! Go to Track > Snapshots > New Snapshot to get started.

Look and Feel
Set up the look and feel of your report

Add/adjust columns, and regenerate the report until it looks perfect.

Weekly Strategy Meeting
Save the view for a simple weekly strategy meeting

Once saved, you’ll always have a real-time view of what’s happening in your strategy. This is just the beginning of your strategy execution improvement!


Add teammates and align

Now that you have a baseline of information and reporting in place, let’s get your team members aligned to the effort.

Invite your team
Invite your team

All you need is a list of email addresses, and you’re off!

Start fleshing out your key outcomes

“How are we going to get there?” Work with your team to add specific actions/projects and metrics underneath the proper outcomes. Some will need more than others.

Share Snapshots
Share your strategy meeting report

Now you can all be on the same page. Practice generating the report and looking through the strategy together, maybe over Zoom!

Update your progress

Your team needs to know: “If it’s not in Cascade, it didn’t happen!”

GoalDeck: your personal workspace

As soon as you log in, you’ll find a list of all goals with your name on them as an owner or co-owner.

Update progress from anywhere!

Anywhere you see goals, you can click them and update progress. You can even update progress via our Microsoft Teams integration!

Balance the subjective and objective

Cascade will help guide your progress along timelines, and you can complement this with commentary along the way. Tell the whole story!

Happy lady using Cascade GoalDeck

Adapt and accelerate

Even when situations change, rapidly adjust plans on a drag-and-drop canvas so your teams are always on track. Experience a strategic planning process that frees you up to maximize your creative thinking.

Not relevant anymore? Archive it!

If anything in the plan becomes a distraction, archive it. You can always bring it back later. No problem!

Adjust as needed
Adjust as needed, but communicate and explain as you go.

Remember, all adjustments like this get saved to an audit log. Dates can also be locked down in the settings if needed.

Develop a rhythm

Keep things that still matter, add new goals that become relevant month to month, and don’t skip the weekly meeting. Keep it to 30 minutes if needed. Focus on celebrating highlights and addressing barriers to overcome in your report.

Getting Started Videos

Check out our knowledge base, product updates for the latest features, or get in touch with our customer service team if you need some help.

Cascade Planner

This is the flagship feature of the platform, and allows you to create an infinite number of plans.

Cascade Projects & Goals

Create and work together on projects that align with your strategic plans and objectives, whilst monitoring progress.

Cascade GoalDeck

GoalDeck is the launchpad where everyone can work together to take their strategy to reality. 

Everything is coming along, but I’m ready to step up my game

Strategy execution can take practice, even for the world’s most successful companies. Here are a few extra resources to help you and your teams align and transform the way you prioritize work.

Change Management
Change management 101

Learning a new process and platform can be challenging. Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations theory directly relates to Cascade implementation.

Internal Buy-in
How to get internal buy-in

You’ll want as much coordinated sponsorship as possible to really get everyone on board. You’re doing something special - make sure your teammates and leadership understand how this will help them, and they’ll help YOU.

Additional Training
Additional training

Check out our YouTube channel for helpful playlists and specific tutorial videos. You can also reach out to us directly at!