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Strategy execution starts here

Centralize your strategic chaos, monitor key metrics, and leverage total observability to craft ruthless efficiency. Here’s how Cascade will cut the chaos so you can streamline for efficiency and turn your business into a strategy execution machine.

Stop wasting time on activities that don’t move your business forward

Put your strategy front-and-center to make more informed decisions

Prioritize the most impactful things every day

Centralize key metrics

Achieve instant visibility over the current state and ‘vitals’ of your business by seamlessly integrating your current data with the Cascade Metrics Library. Establish a baseline and begin centralizing the chaos.

Consolidate data from tools and spreadsheets.

Use seamless integrations to connect with your spreadsheets and BI tools, and funnel your key business metrics into the Cascade Metrics Library.

Leverage a single view to analyze performance at a business level.

Achieve instant value by using the Metrics Library to visualize all of your key metrics in one place, and start gleaning insights by easily seeing trends over time.

Understand the landscape of your current state.

With all of your key metrics in one location, you have a thorough understanding of the current state of your business - which means you can move onto diagnosis, prioritization, and most importantly, execution.

Create a structure by defining priorities

Use your business’s top priorities to create a high level structure and begin fleshing out your strategy.

Start with your existing strategy, or use your key metrics to identify top priorities.

Cascade is built to both absorb and improve your existing strategy, or help you build something from scratch based on your key metrics and priorities.

Turn priorities into plans and focus areas.

Cascade’s structure promotes a top-down approach that allows you to start big by identifying what’s most important for your business, then focus on outcomes and goals.

Build a bulletproof structure for your strategy.

Customize Cascade to best enable your strategy by using features like aliasing and goal types - but don’t be afraid to stick with the basics and iterate on your strategy as you go. Remember, Cascade is built for progress over perfection.

Integrate with current tools

Turn your business’ current efforts into plans in Cascade, then break them down into priority ‘buckets’ to organize work. Leverage powerful integrations to connect your teams’ work from wherever it’s already managed - no need to disrupt what’s already working!

Work towards visibility by creating a central hub.

Create your strategic structure, then connect projects and initiatives to key metrics in Cascade. You’re one step closer to 360 degree visibility over your business.

Connect work that your teams own to your strategic center.

Establish Cascade as the strategy brain of your organization by funneling in both operational and strategic work from wherever it’s being done.

Minimize change management by preserving your teams’ workflows.

Reduce the stress of change and the heavy lifting of a strategic culture shift - with Cascade, there’s no reason to disrupt what’s already working.

Connect teams and craft alignment

Bring your teams into your new strategic hub and assign owners and collaborators to your priorities and outcomes.

Link your teams’ work to key business metrics and long term goals.

Create clear connections between the everyday operational work driven by your teams and the long term strategic goals that will take your business to the next level using dynamic Relationships in Cascade.

Maintain your team’s ownership of work while equipping your strategy team.

As you begin to centralize work and goals, you can maintain your teams’ ownership of their work white putting powerful data and information into the hands of your strategy, finance, and data teams.

Add context to progress to make your strategy strong.

Your teams and managers can use updates and comments to provide the full picture of work - so you don’t just see a number or status, but the whole story of where your strategy is now.

Report in real-time

Science proves that the more often you monitor a goal, the more likely it is to be achieved - and Cascade makes that easier than it has ever been. By automatically combining data from your team’s work tools and their impact on your business metrics, it’s easy to keep execution front and center.

Combine context and data to create the perfect strategic narrative.

Painless reporting paired with info provided by initiative owners means you get the whole story and you’re equipped to make decisions and communicate needs, priorities, and progress. A vast library of charts, tables and more is right at your fingertips - craft the perfect reports to share with your teams, leadership, and partners.

Trace the impact of project and initiatives with the Alignment Map.

Round out your reporting capabilities by visualizing connections between areas of work so you know what affects what and can identify problems and opportunities before everyone else.

Easily access weekly and monthly reports so you always know what’s going on.

Integrate Cascade into your SAU (strategy as usual) so you can save time, streamline reporting, and proactively guide your organization to success.

Build out future plans & investments

Bring your upcoming plans and goals onto the playing field so you can easily identify and close the gap between now and future.

Map out future plans against current state.

Combine a clear view of your current state with those lofty future goals, and all you have to do is fill in the steps in between!

Plot the course between current state and ideal future.

Take advantage of a strategy center containing both now and future to set realistic goals, recalibrate to keep on track, and prioritize so that strategic goals become effective reality.

Keep an eye on the future and a finger on the pulse.

Strike a balance between forward thinking ambition and pragmatism with the help of your business’s new strategic brain.

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Cascade: how does it work?

Cascade makes executing strategies simple and fast. Get the confidence you need to chase ambitious opportunities for your business!

Game-changing Integrations

Drive unstoppable strategy execution, made possible with 1,000+ integrations, and see faster results from your strategy.

Powerful real-time Strategy Dashboards

See how teams use Cascade to plan their strategy and achieve successful strategy execution.

Everything is coming along, but I’m ready to step up my game

Strategy execution can take practice, even for the world’s most successful companies. Here are a few extra resources to help you and your teams align and transform the way you prioritize work.

Change management 101

Learning a new process and platform can be challenging. A well-crafted change management plan supported can ensure that change is executed effectively.

How to get internal buy-in

You’ll want as much coordinated sponsorship as possible to really get everyone on board. You’re doing something special - make sure your teammates and leadership understand how this will help them, and they’ll help YOU.

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