Getting Started

Strategy execution starts here

Go from strategic plans to business results faster with all your teams aligned. Tie your key objectives to your most important metrics and actions to track progress along the way.

Stop wasting time on activities that don’t move your business forward

Put your strategy front-and-center to make more informed decisions

Prioritize the most impactful things every day

Customize your framework

Start with the language and terminology of your choice. Plug-in business context with your framework and custom fields. Configure your strategy execution platform to match the way your teams work.

Start with a battle-tested framework

Get started with our recommended framework based on our experience working with 20,000+ strategic and operational leaders.

Pick a popular framework that fits your needs

Using OKRs? Balanced Scorecard? V2MOM? Choose from a list of popular frameworks pre-loaded in your platform. Apply in one click.

Customize the framework to make it familiar

Or maybe strategy execution in your organization is unique. We got you. Tailor the strategy framework, templates, and custom fields to bring your flavor to the platform. Cascade will fit perfectly for your teams and their strategy.

Organize your key outcomes

Every organization has key outcomes or objectives to strive for. Set up a few focus areas to categorize them, and start bringing your plan to life.

Start first, improve later

Start by getting your broad ideas down. It’s super easy to refine and iterate later. Evolve your plans with owners and timelines. Connect your favorite tools and automate progress updates.

Work backward with the end in mind

“How should our organization or team be different a month from now? What about by next quarter?” Start there.

Import one of our templates if you need inspiration

We have thousands of strategy templates for different industries, departments, and initiatives you can use to get inspired. They’ll import directly into your Cascade workspace.

Add teammates and align

We know strategies don’t fare well when they’re executed in siloes. Invite your teammates early to build the best possible strategy.

Invite your team

All you need is a list of email addresses, and you’re off.

Start fleshing out your key outcomes

“How are we going to get there?” Add collaborators to your objectives. Partner with them to add specific actions/projects and measures underneath the outcomes their work contributes to.

Leave your first team update

Share successes, call out challenges, and outline next steps across all the plans your team manages for ultimate visibility.

Report your progress in minutes

It won’t take a village to build your next strategy report. Create most-frequently used reports as templates and generate snapshots in minutes.

Begin with a basic table

Try out an Objective, Team, or Initiative table to summarize details and progress for a group of goals.

Customize the report to tell your story

Adjust the columns in your table, add charts, and provide context by including extra text to support your narrative.

Save your report and share it with your team

Cascade will save your report automatically. Take a Snapshot if you wish to freeze the view in time, and share it with your team members to give them a pre-read for next week’s meeting.

Share your progress

Your team needs to know: “If it’s not in Cascade, it didn’t happen!”

Set up your connections

Connect Cascade with the tools your team already uses to eliminate manual data entry and ensure everything stays up to date.

Manage your goals from the Home Page

Easily review and update your work and understand how it connects to the bigger picture.

Balance the subjective and objective

Cascade will help guide your progress along timelines, and you can complement this with commentary along the way. Supplement your reports with business narrative.

Adapt and accelerate

The perfect plan doesn’t exist. Situations change, so your plans should too. Proactively adapt them so your teams are always working on the most important things.

Create new reports for different audiences

If anything in the plan becomes a distraction, archive it. You can always bring it back later. No problem!

Adjust as needed, explain as you go

Any adjustments you make get saved to an audit log. Be bold and take ownership of your goals.

Develop a weekly cadence

Shorten as needed, but review every week. Focus on celebrating wins and addressing barriers to overcome.

Getting Started Videos

Check out our knowledge base, product updates for the latest features, or get in touch with our customer service team if you need some help.

Cascade: how does it work?

Cascade makes executing strategies simple and fast. Get the confidence you need to chase ambitious opportunities for your business!

Game-changing Integrations

Drive unstoppable strategy execution, made possible with 1,000+ integrations, and see faster results from your strategy.

Powerful real-time Strategy Dashboards

See how teams use Cascade to plan their strategy and achieve successful strategy execution.

Everything is coming along, but I’m ready to step up my game

Strategy execution can take practice, even for the world’s most successful companies. Here are a few extra resources to help you and your teams align and transform the way you prioritize work.

Change management 101

Learning a new process and platform can be challenging. A well-crafted change management plan supported can ensure that change is executed effectively.

How to get internal buy-in

You’ll want as much coordinated sponsorship as possible to really get everyone on board. You’re doing something special - make sure your teammates and leadership understand how this will help them, and they’ll help YOU.

Additional training

Check out our YouTube channel for helpful playlists and specific tutorial videos. You can also reach out to us directly at!

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