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Walters Wedding Estates

Walters Wedding Estates use Cascade across their entire business to keep them razor-focused on strategy

use Cascade to easily monitor strategic goals with a large team spread across a number of venues

Walters Wedding Estates

Walters Wedding Estates

Walters owns and operates wedding and event venues, a few of which are nationally recognized. Host to over 1,500 weddings and events per year, dedicated to serving clients with the best experience for weddings and events.

Key Challenges

Walters Wedding Estates was experiencing significant expansion in terms of both the team and revenue. They needed a tool to launch a strategic plan that the entire team could view. Prior to using Cascade, the management team found themselves having to travel to their 20-plus venues to ensure that the operation and quality of the events stayed at a premium level.

Having a plan that was easily accessible for everybody to monitor the entire organization on their set objectives was crucial. Management hit obstacles developing plans with clear alignment to the overall strategies.

We knew we needed a tool in order to monitor how we were doing against those objectives we set for ourselves.
Brad Kamer - CEO

Biggest Wins

With a large team spread across a number of venues dedicated first and foremost to delivering a special day for their clients, the adoption of Cascade allowed them to easily monitor strategic goals from management to individuals.

If you set strategies and you want those goals filtered down to the individual, this is the tool that facilitates putting it together, and then monitoring your actions against it.
Brad Kamer - CEO

Not Losing Sight of the Big Picture

Walters Wedding Estates has a mission statement that demands attention; “Creating exceptional experiences and life-long memories.” Running across multiple venues while delivering an exceptional guest experience to all clients is no cakewalk. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Having Cascade’s dashboards accessible from anywhere at any time, the teams now have visibility over the key business objectives.

Everybody’s goals are aligned to the overall strategic plan, empowering employees and venue leaders to make an impact in the strategy.

It was very important to us that strategic goals filtered all the way down to the individual.
Brad Kamer - CEO
Since the adoption of Cascade, everybody knows how they’re impacting the business, which is something that we’ve never had before. It makes everyone feel very valued in the work that they’re providing the company with.
Bailey Jacobsen - Training & Development Director

Cascade’s setup allows the business to fully devote their purpose to serving their customers the optimum experience.

Visibility Across the Entire Company

Cascade is designed to have transparency and collaboration, a key benefit for Walters Wedding Estates.

It’s a great tool for managers to have good visibility into what's going on.
Bailey Jacobsen - Training & Development Director

The team at Walters Wedding Estates has become a big user of the platform, with up to 187 users and an average of 107 sessions per day! Dashboards displaying with the key projects and KPI’s allow everybody to see what’s going on in the business.

Planning for Growth

Walters Wedding Estates went through an in depth strategic planning process before adopting Cascade - evaluating the current state and where they wanted to be. They’ve maintained an aggressive growth trajectory, and their planning process is a big part of that. Cascade supported that process seamlessly.

It was gratifying to know that there was a tool that matched how you go through a strategic planning process.
Brad Kamer - CEO

Cascade’s customizable framework and setup made it easy to Walters Wedding Estates to get up and running.

We didn’t have to redesign that process, it easily supported loading that system in.
Brad Kamer - CEO

A Shout Out to Cascade's Support Team!

We feel like we have a voice, we always feel like somebody is always on the other end of the phone to help us through issues, we feel important to Cascade. We are very very pleased with the support level of the company.
Brad Kamer - CEO

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