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Margaret River Hospitality Group

Margaret River Hospitality Group use Cascade across their entire business to keep them razor-focused on strategy

use Cascade Strategy to bring empowerment to their diversified workforce

Margaret River Hospitality Group

Margaret River Hospitality Group

Margaret River Hospitality Group are a diversified hospitality provider based in Western Australia. They own a series of cafes, restaurants and wine-based tourism experiences.

Key Challenges

MRHG have always placed staff engagement and empowerment at the heart of what they do. Their people are passionate about hospitality and lifestyle.

They needed a way of implementing their growth strategy in a structured way, that allowed people flexibility to express their own ideas and not feel like they were being micro-managed.

Biggest Wins

Cascade gave MRHG the opportunity to get serious about strategy execution, without introducing strict corporate policies and procedures. They love the fact that it's 100% cloud-based and gives their people an easy way to access the strategy in a fun and intuitive way.

Ownership Drives Pride & Accountability

A key aspect of the culture at MRHG is the concept of accountability. The team brought this philosophy into Cascade by ensuring that different team members took full ownership of strategic goals and provided updated into the system directly for their colleagues to see.

When it comes to execution, it's on them to do it. They take full ownership, and they take accountability. That creates pride in the outcome and a beautiful Cascade of results down the line.
Alex Brooks - Operations Director

Excel & Drop Box Just Weren't Cutting it for Strategy

Prior to implementing Cascade, the team at MRHG relied on a combination of Excel and Drop Box for their strategy. But they found a range of issues, from technical problems in terms of version control through to the lack of visibility that those tools give to their broader set of stakeholders.

We were running all of our strategy planning and management out of Excel. That was quite clunky, it was inconsistent and we were struggling. Cascade did everything that we needed and more, plus it was in the cloud and alive.
Anthony Janssen - Managing Director

By linking goals to the overall MRHG vision, the team were able to create a strategic plan that everyone was excited about and bought into.

As I was writing goals, I was constantly looking back to our vision and making sure that it was connected. That was the single biggest benefit for me personally of Cascade.
Anthony Janssen - Managing Director

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