Cascade has become the single-source of truth for everything related to strategy and goals for Cuscal.

“Cascade is a single point of ownership for our people, where they can see absolutely everything relating to their role.”

Jen Bass
People & Culture


About Cuscal

Cuscal are one of Australia's leading providers of payment and banking technology. Providing the backbone of much of Australia's financial infrastructure.


Key Challenges

Cuscal have hundreds of people spread across multiple departments. They've traditionally used HR software to manage their people's goals, but in recent times have realized that goals which aren't tied to strategy, are significantly less meaningful.

Biggest Wins

Cuscal needed to seamlessly replace their goal management system, without losing any of the HR functionality they needed. Cascade achieved this and more.

Doing performance management in Cascade is really really easy. Much easier than other systems we've used before.
Jennifer Bass - People & Culture

The Heart of Team Meetings & One-to-Ones

To help drive adoption of Cascade and engagement with goals, Cuscal use the 1:1 meeting functionality to record conversations between managers and employees. Creating a record of truth, as well ensuring that those conversations revolve around strategy.

I hold all my one-to-ones in Cascade on a monthly basis. I use it to track what we talk about, and it really helps me to track accountability so that I know what everyone is responsible for.
Tania Agnoletto - Senior Manager

There are so many features in there that are really of value, and I'm excited for even more to come!
Jennifer Bass - People & Culture

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