Financial KPIs Cheat Sheet

Download our free Financial KPIs cheat sheet and start tracking the KPIs that are most important for your finance department:

  • 12 of the best Finance KPIs

  • Detailed description of each of the KPIs

  • Easy to understand cheat sheet

This cheat sheet has been downloaded by tens of thousands of organizations looking to better track their financial KPIs.

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“I just love the way that Cascade handles KPIs. It makes them accessible, intuitive and easy to share with others. Thanks for this stuff guys, it's awesome.”

Seamus Harold
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Why you'll love this Financial KPI Cheat Sheet:


We've tapped into experts from a range of industries to consolidate these KPIs into something practical and useful.

Simple Explanations

Each KPI is explained in detail, with examples so that you can easily apply it to your organization.


With a range of KPIs areas covered, you'll definitely find some KPIs that match your own organization.


This isn't just a random list of KPIs - each one is categorized with similar KPIs for easy navigation of the KPI cheat sheet.

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