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Whether you're a strategy novice or a seasoned professional, download our free Strategic Planning eBook to learn everything you need to know about creating an execution-ready plan.

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“This is honestly the simplest and most effective way of doing strategic planning that I've discovered. I'm delighted to discover the Cascade way of doing strategy and have already shared it with several colleagues.”

George Darby
VP Sales & Marketing, Mercedes Benz

Some reasons why over 25,000 people already love this eBook:

A simple strategic planning model

Following this model will walk you through the process of creating a vision statement, values, strategic focus areas, objectives, projects & KPIs. That's everything you need for a complete strategic plan!

Simple, jargon-free language

This strategic planning eBook is designed for people who value effective execution over flowery language. There's no annoying jargon, and all the concepts are explained in plain english.

Tons of examples

To help you get inspired, we've included lots of examples and practical walk-throughs that show exactly how to create the different elements of a strategic plan

Best practice for strategy

This process for creating a strategic plan has been the culmination of 1000's of strategy implementations - it's simple, effective, and  proven to work in big and small companies.

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