Cascade for Resellers

Become a Reseller

Book a time with our partnership team to walk you through our Reseller program, including certifications and other benefits for you!
Who is it for?
Consultants who want to build a business (or new revenue stream) around a combination of Cascade software plus services
Software resellers
Program Highlights
Get Cascade certifed for free
Special pricing and discounts to offer to your clients
Listed as a certified reseller
Can be eligible for marketing support from Cascade

Cascade's customers achieve 66% more strategic outcomes.

Turn your vision into action with Cascade

Give structure to your plans and clarity to your teams. Clearly define top level strategy and then break it down to individual teams - their goals, objectives, and key metrics.
Focus and align your teams towards the bigger picture. Enable effective collaboration between cross-functional teams by destroying silos.
Quickly understand the state of your plans. See which teams are working well, and which need help. Know the progress against KPIs without having to chase for updates and reports.