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Internal Analysis Templates Download

These convenient and structured templates will help you to identify where you stand today and what gaps you need to close in order to achieve success. 

Here’s what you will get inside this toolkit: 

  1. A one-page guide that walks you through the toolkit
  2. Gap Analysis Template
  3. SWOT Analysis Template
  4. VRIO Analysis Template
  5. McKinsey 7S Framework Template
  6. Core Competencies Analysis Template
  7. Bonus gift :) 

Each template delivered straight to your email comes with instructions to guide you through the process. On top of that, all templates are in Excel format so you can start using them straight away.

Over 102,000 downloads this year alone!

Why you'll love this Internal Analysis Toolkit...

Fully Interactive

We built these templates in a way that guides you through the various steps of conducting an Internal Analysis in an easy, fun and intuitive manner.

Easy to Use

Conducting an Internal Analysis is hard. We've broken the process down into simple steps and included a 'how to' guide to make it easy to conduct one.

Auto-generated Templates

On our Strategic Planning Template for example, once you complete each tab, you'll have an automatically generated 'plan on a page' that you can export and print.

The go-to Strategy Toolkit

This process for conducting an Internal Analysis is used by thousands of companies and is even taught at some of the world's leading universities.

Thanks for sharing! Will be using this at our upcoming strategy off-site sessions. I like how simple and clean it is..!
Harold Mayer

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